Day dreaming while in day 6...

Blog Post created by Pops on Jun 19, 2019

Good morning EXers....

before I forget..the banner pic today is a photo that I took from the overlook on top of the mountain in Cumberland Gap while I was on one of my many motorcycling adventures....great shot Pops!...why thank you...I thought so too...;-)


Geez, it sure is nice being able to sleep the night through without waking up every thirty minutes to light up a cigarette.  I know that is a dangerous practice...smoking in bed, but hey....if I was worried about dangers from smoking...then I would have quit along time ago.  Right?...You should see all of the cigarette burns in my carpet under my bed, where I would be so tired...that I would drop my smoke as I fell asleep, and the smoke would smolder away while burning a two inch long hole in my carpet...(I'm going to have to pay for a complete re-carpet job when I move...).  I have gorgeous linens that I have been purchasing for my bedroom, all of which have various sized burn holes in brand new bedspreads....what a waste of hard earned money.  As time goes by, I will use the money that I am saving from not smoking, to replace my bedspreads.


Speaking of not smoking...withdrawals are not too terribly bad this time around.  I am using the 21mg Nicoderm patch, and I believe that it is helping.  I still get cravings, but they are much less frequent already.  I have to remember the phrase that usually displaces those nagging thoughts..."I don't do that anymore"...then just simply move on to the next thought process. (usually work related).  In this particular instance, work is a nice distraction from the negativity.  Office mates are not nearly as supportive as they had been in the past.  I can hardly blame them either.  They are most likely making side bets as to how long it will be before they see me outside smoking another cigarette. 


Okay, I have had my toast already, and now I'm going to enjoy a cup of joe, and hit the bricks with everything I have.  I'm going to post a pic here.  See if you can read the sticker that I put on the back of my tour pack...lol...I love the sentiment..

Enjoy your smoke free day....

Pops with 6 Days of Freedom!