Putting the time in...

Blog Post created by Pops on Mar 31, 2019

Good morning ☀️ friends .  I just woke up (3:15 am Sunday), and suspect that somewhere in the caverns of this disaster area that I call a “brain,”

I must have been thinking about smoking another stick of death . 

I am pleased to be able to return to the quit way of thinking and living...without very much grief. I mean, sure... I have those craves about every two or three hours. That’s when I break out my quit kit of tools, and get to spraying that can’o’whoop-ass, and keep on living without smoking. 

Well the boys are starting to get restless now... I think I will go back to sleep for now.   Enjoy this mornings greeting  

Look @ that long leg just pinning me down and telling me "don't you dare get up yet..."

You see my can'o'whoopass next to the tv?  OMG...Pops is on day FOUR!!!!!


Pops with 4 Days of Freedom!!! Outstanding & hooray!!!!!