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Pops is alive @ 105!!!

Posted by Pops Jan 5, 2019

Good afternoon EXers!!! Well, all was well on the return trip home to see the boys....(except for the speeding ticket I got on the Pennsylvania Turnpike...grrr)  I was in such a hurry, I forgot the speed limit drops to 55 after going through the Allegheny tunnel....shoot.  Oh well, this too shall pass.  So the holidays were a real hoot in Ohio, but I was homesick for my cats, and my home group meetings as well.  I attended alot of meetings while I was in Ohio, but nonetheless, I missed my corp group of friends.  We are all going out on another motorcycle trip tomorrow.  Not far, Leesburg, Virginia is all.  It will be good to straddle the iron pony again too.  I went out to the garage to check on it, and I do believe it missed me

The homecoming to Mac & Cheese was wonderful.  At first they sort of snubbed me for being gone so long...but Pops knew how to put the squash on that noise.  As soon as I picked up their food dish, they were rubbing on my legs and purring like diesel engines...Last night, they finally let me rub their they jump up on the bed and lay on their backs waiting for me to scratch and rub their that is what good "Pops" do isn't it?  

On the work front, I see the government hasn't made any forward movement towards getting us furloughed employees back into action...Oh well....this too shall pass.  Fortunately, I am drawing social security and have enough shored up in savings to survive the shutdown for awhile.  However, there are many co-workers that aren't that blessed.  Many of them are living paycheck to paycheck.  We got our last check on the 31st of Dec.  But, if we aren't back to work on the 14rh...that is when all hell will break loose for both sides of this rediculous and childlike behavior squabble.  I am not voicing any preference to either side, as I don't feel that either of them are worthy of my approval.  I just hope that the voters once again will go to the polls and fire the entire lot of them.  NO INCUMBENT returns!  

In any case....smoking isn't going to make the situation anymore palatable.

NOPE....I simply do NOT do that anymore.....

Okay, it is time for me to get something to eat.  I brought back a couple of dozen "Garlic Poor Boy" sausages.  They are to die for.  I like to mix them in with some sauerkraut and swiss cheese for a hoagie sandwich to die for.

xoxoxoxox Pops with 105 DOF  Woo Hoo!!!!!

My niece in England said that I look like a viking, so I put in these viking runes just for her.....

My biggest item on my "bucket list" is to travel every mile of route 66 on my Harley..