Hey EXers, Pops is now a triple digit member!!!

Blog Post created by Pops on Dec 31, 2018

Good afternoon EXers!  Happy New Year to all of us.....smoke free quitters...Yay!!!!

Things have been quite busy here in Ohio...this last week has consisted of constant eating and going out with friends and family...We are going to two different New Years eve parties as well....After I get back from those, I am going to attend a meeting for the other selfish behavior that I no longer am participating in.  All in all...this has been a wonderful visit to Ohio.  The only downside to the trip, is me desparately missing my two boys....My neighbor has assured me that they are fine, but she has assured me that they are looking for me all of the time....I am planning to return to Maryland sometime friday.  I have missed you guys too...looking forward to hearing from some of you.  Please enjoy your new year's eve and be very careful if you are out on the road tonight.....and remember that we don't smoke anymore....

xoxoxo Pops w/ 100 Days ...Woo Hoo!!!!!

Mac & Cheese....