Look at your newest modern day "Piano Man!"

Blog Post created by Pops on Jul 16, 2018

Good afternoon EXers!  Whats UPPPPP?

My 88 days is what's up.  Yep, that's right...(and just in case you're too young to relate....).  Let me entertain you for a few minutes.  Wow...talk about memory lane reminding me of just how old I really am....I read the credits on this albums title track was released in 1973!  Hard to believe.  It seems like yesterday I was playing this jam to some of the ladies that I was romancing in that era....45 years ago?!  You've got to be pulling my leg...How time flies....

But to the point, I am happy to have 88 days of freedom today!  Just a dozen, cuzin....& Pops will be knocking on that door to the triple digit club...TDC.  Woo Hoo!  Have a nice listen, and enjoy the rest of your day....

xoxoxo Pops

Billy Joel sings title track to Piano Man in 1973

Notice all of the smoking going on in the bars back then....This modern day piano man, "doesn't do that anymore."  But, nonetheless, it was a good stroll down memory lane....