Day 46!!!!!

Blog Post created by Pops on Jun 3, 2018

That's right....day 46 for Pops!  Woo Hoo!!!!! 

Thanks to the EX family for being here and letting me doodle on the site...whatever it takes to keep the demons at bay right?  In actuality though...things haven't been all that bad this time.  After I got my ego back in check and let go of the false pride of being embarassed to come back after faltering....I just got busy and dusted off the same tools that I had in my tool quit kit...(that I had failed to properly use before..I might add) that were perfectly fine...brand new in some cases....as in never been used....(not so funny actually).  And then things just started following a pretty much predictable order.  

I will say that somewhere around the 26-28 day mark...I had that nagging and constant calling back in my head that kept telling me to go out and smoke another, that nobody would really care anyway....Well I would care!  And that is what I had to keep telling myself.  Then I hung out with my office buddy who knows about my quit, and told him that I just needed some company for the day.  Then I got on the pledge page & read a couple of blogs of newbies that were struggling & commented on a couple.  The next morning, I was good as new, and haven't experienced any other urges since.  (At least now I "know" this too shall pass....)

Enough of my babbling on & on....time for some Sunday morning coffee....

Oh and by the way....GO CAPS!!!!!

Pops with 46 days of Freedom!

and after.....

lol....enjoy your day....