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You know what's great about this Friday?

I'm not working...that's what!!!!

Good morning EXers!  I'm up and at em today....I got released from the hospital yesterday, and I'm not wasting anytime sitting around the house today....My mechanic and I are going to drive to the DMV in Glen Burnie this morning and get my title paperwork squared away on that motorcycle that I purchased last September.  It should take about an hour to get there.  But, that's okay, I'm going to let him drive and we can stop at a Dunkin Donuts for some comfort food to eat on the way.  I'm going to play the role of DJ & control the tunes...I'm thinking Beth Hart & Joe Bonemassa in the great album titled "Don't Explain".  If you like blues & haven't tried it yourself a favor and try it out.  She's got so much soul....

Beth Hart w/Joe Bonemassa

I'm not very experienced in posting, so I apologize if it doesn't link you up....

Anyway, I feel great one day after surgery, and still smokefree....

Have a great smokefree Friday....

Pops w/184 Days of Freedom!


Waiting room for surgery. :-(

Posted by Pops Feb 26, 2020

Good morning EXers. I’m hoping that all of you have a great smoke free day. I’m going into surgery in about an hour from now for the ablasion on my heart . At least I will be able to sleep for awhile. I tossed and turned all night. I’m fed up with all these surgeries.
Pops with 182 DOF 


180 Days = 6 Months!!!!

Posted by Pops Feb 24, 2020


Yeppers, Pops hit the big 6 month milestone today....

Hey Hey Hey Boo Boo is right....

Pops is on fire "little buddy"

Have a great smokefree day today....

Pops with 180 Days of Pick-niking, Basket Stealing.....


Mom passed on last night

Posted by Pops Feb 22, 2020

Good morning EXErs


My brother called me last night and told me Mom passed away at 9:00 last night. She’s finished with having bad days. She turned ninety last December, so that a full life. 
I will be checking in later. Enjoy your smoke free Saturday 

Pops w/178 DOF


I must be in Heaven...with 177!!!

Posted by Pops Feb 21, 2020

Good morning EXers!!!!

It's Friday...woo hoo....time to get ready for some good times this weekend.  I'm working tomorrow, but I get to play on Sunday.  Forecast is all sunshine and a high of 58 degrees...can you say...vrrrm vrrrooommm...? I assure you, I fully intend to blow off any stink that may still be lingering from the week before....I'm a gonna git me sum'o'dat "wind therapy"!!!

This business of non smoking sure is paying off with great dividends...I'm soooo busy this morning.  I mean I have been literally fast-walking up and down hallways this morning so much...most people that see me are telling me to slow down, they think I'm running lol.  You know what?  I am NOT running out of breath either!  When I was smoking, I would have to crawl down those

Enjoy your Friday...I'll check back in later....

Pops with 177 DAYS OF FREEDOM!!!!!


Alive and Well @ 176...

Posted by Pops Feb 20, 2020

Good morning EXers....

I'm sorry that I seemed to be in the dumps most of this week...just alot going on right now....and sometimes my ability, (or lack of) to handle it seems to come out sideways.  Anyway, today is another day, and it will be lived happily and smokefree.  I can only hope the same for you.....

Don't look now, but in four more days...your old "Pops" will be rocking 6 months...!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!  I am "Sparta".


Good morning EXers....

I hope all of you had a better day than I did.....Heck, I was laying rubber in the parking lot as I was leaving to go home....

It seemed that everyone that I came in contact with, was just going out of their way to piss me off...:-(... and they were quite successful in that regard...almost all day long....

Now this being "Hump Day"...I'm curious which one of them will try to mount me first?  I'm so not having a good week so far....

However....I have not succumbed to the urge to go out and buy a cigarette.  Yesterday, I caught myself thinking...damn, just "one" cigarette sure would taste good, or at least give me a buzz for a couple of minutes anyway....hmmm hmmmm....I then came back to my senses, and asked myself, "when in my entire lifetime...have I purchased a pack of smokes, smoked one....then threw the other 19 away"?!!!  People, those demonic little s##ts....they NEVER run alone...they always run in packs of twenty!  Remember, one is too many....and twenty is never enough....

So Pops is still free and damned happy to be so at that....175 Days of thriving in my "smobriety"....not just surviving it.

Enjoy your day, and remember to watch your back...after all, it is "hump day". 




Terrific Tuesday....

Posted by Pops Feb 18, 2020

I love this little guy...he is my hero and example of how to get the "good feelings" message out.....



Good morning's it going this morning?  Good I hope.  I got up this morning, indulged in my morning Joe & fed the boys....then got right after it.  Burning the candle down from 0500 hrs until 0230 hrs....busy schedule today, but not time for dilly dallying outside @ the smoking pole...because hey....Pops does NOT do that anymore...PERIOD!  NO MATTER WHAT!  I know it all seems pretty repetitive, but when you think about it....smoking is repetitive, and persistent.  The demonic powers of nicotine addiction lurk in almost every corner of my life...I am used to them being there now.  There's nothing I can do to chase them away, but I can at least coexist with them around.  I don't have to be afraid that I might abandon my quit just because a nagging urge or memory comes back into my head.  Thoughts and urges are temporary and fleeting.  They come and they go....


The one thing in my life that is constant, is that I need to do everything that I possibly can to enhance and strengthen my resolve to live a healthier lifestyle than I had been living prior to my "Golden Years".  There's not alot of time left, but what is left, if lived properly, can be exhilarating and fun...


Another thing that is obvious, I have to get some work accomplished, or they are going to pull my chair right out from underneath me.....Enjoy your smoke free day today.


Pops w/174 DOF!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!


Another Monday.....

Posted by Pops Feb 17, 2020

Good morning EXers!

It's Monday morning, (Presidents Day) and my bosses asked me to come in and work on my holiday....(they will have to pay me dearly for the time though....;-) here I am dumping another wheel barrow of gold bullion into the back of my new "Red Ram Pick-up Truck" don't feel sorry for me...I am truly a blessed man to have the ability to still be working at my age.  Still, I couldn't resist the urge to cry a little river for me anyway....geeze...I can be such a pitty pot...whiner  I was not very happy to see the Daytona 500 get rained out yesterday, only to have it air today, when I am not going to be available to watch it...! grrr....(there I go again....poor me...poor, poor me....) "bullc##p", I have a dvr, and I can record it and watch it whenever I want to....

I really need to get over this need to is not becoming, and I simply cannot stand to hear anyone else do it.  

I hope everyone enjoyed there weekend and kept it Pops did....It sure is nice to not hardly ever think about drinking, or smoking either one in my life is filled with some pretty special things, and people to interact with....that makes things much more fun and tolerable. 

Plus, this new retirement plan of mine, complete with date and me alot to look forward to...!!!! I'm actually pretty excited.

I downloaded the counter on my phone, and I now have 1,166 days before cool is that?  I also have 534 days of sobriety, and let's not forget the biggie here...173 days of "smobriety"!!!! Woo Hoo!  I am loving this newfound freedom of mine.....I hope that all of you can get that brand new me's exhilarating!


Ooops!  I put up another one of his funny memes, and then noticed he was smoking a cigarette in it....(at least he was admitting that he was doing something stupid in it....)


I'm smiling all day long today.....know why? cuz I'm thriving @ 173 days of smokefree freedom.....!!!!!!!!!!!!


So here's a loving Valentine Day Poem.....

"Roses are Red......"

"I like spaghetti......."

"Especially with meatballs"

"So tell me....."

"When will it be ready.?...."




I understand that I am single because my cantankerous old butt is unfit to live with....but I constantly have to be reminded of it every Feb 14rh!??? Geez Louise...go home, stuff yer partner full of chocolate and whatever they might want after that....then shut up about it....

Let the rest of us get on with our normal routines.....Do you have any idea how hard it is going to be for me and my friends to get seating at our normal Friday night restaurant?  Hell we might all have to settle for some fast food joint!  I am not going to give in to Mickey matter what!  I might be able to stomach a Subway sandwich, but that is about as far as I am willing to go down the junk food alley.....

But hey, on a much brighter side of things....I'm smokefree for 170 days and soon will be @ the halfway mark to getting another "key". get a brand new pair of roller skates.....and I'll get a "brand new Key!" ;-)

Okay, I'm getting "rummy" now.  I guess I will have to go and fold my "clean" laundry....ugh....I so dislike doing that chore...

Pops w/170 DOF


Thursday run to the weekend....

Posted by Pops Feb 13, 2020

Good morning EXers!

It's Thursday, and I am not working tomorrow (I get every other Friday off). I'm hoping that I can get all of my work completed by the end of the day that are due for this week...In either case, the pressures of deadlines and cutoff dates & such, no longer have the grip on me that they used to have.  After I got free from the bondage of continual everyday addiction to nicotine...I started to go to town on eliminating the pressures of unwarranted stress in my life anymore.  With as many trips that I have made to the hospital in the last couple of years, it is obvious that I am not going to be around here much longer if I don't start getting a handle on all of the stress that has been ruling my life.

So....169 Days ago...I had an epiphany (spell check?), that smoking cigarettes were not easing my stress, instead they were actually adding to it.  Whenever I would be putting out a smoke, I immediately would be wondering when I would be able to return for another smoke.  I would also be worrying about the negative image that I was being associated with by being management, and still standing outside of the offices just burning away valuable time needed to complete work that I was behind in.... Let is not forget the added stress of "knowing" that each smoke I lit up was doing more damage to my already deteriorating  arteries, and therefore putting added load to a weakened heart....

Okay, what's not clear as mud here?  I obviously "MUST" quit smoking, for good!  There is no dodging the obvious anymore..."quit, or die."  What was my choice to be?

So goodbye stress, hello Friday (day off)!  It would be nice if the weather would cooperate by giving us Marylander's some  decent riding weather, but after all, it is February. lol  Seriously, us here in Maryland cannot complain of the winter weather this year.  Heck, we haven't had any yet anyway!  February this year is averaging 9 degrees normal than usual.  The local weatherman this morning said that we are on track to have recorded the warmest winter ever, in the entire existence of weather recordings.

Well, I guess I have rambled long is time to get some deadlines met....enjoy your smokefree Thursday!

Pops/w 169 Days of Freedom 


Another Monday of "Herding Cats"

Posted by Pops Feb 10, 2020

Good morning EXers!

Happy Monday....and week from today, if you are still working, you will be able to stay home for another "federal holiday", (Presidents' day...Woo Hoo!)  I have to attend a few meetings this morning, and then it's back to the desk to pound out some more contract documents....Oh the joy of working into your "golden years." ;-(  I have nobody to blame but myself for not putting away enough when I was younger....If you are a younger reader....please heed my advice and start putting away a minimum of ten percent of your income into a retirement plan of some sort before you even begin to figure out where to spend your money.  Pay yourself "first", then sort out what is left to determine your lifestyle.  You will then have something when the time comes to retire....

Pops is taking the big plunge in April of 2023.  That is my new get out of jail free date...I am not going to extend it either.  This job will be my "last W-2 form".  No more working...I just can't see me working at a Home Depot or Walmart.  Heck, I'm not even interested in being a golf course marshall.  I'm going to enjoy every moment of everyday that I'm still alive in retirement.....

My thoughts are moving out of the Maryland area (too high in taxes) to one of the Carolinas...I like the idea of Southern Appalachia.  I guess I have this deep down desire to be a "natural hill-billy" enjoying mountain music in my older days.  Banjos strumming, fiddles fiddlin', spoons rattling on washboards, boots stomping & tenor voices singing...sounds like heaven to me...

Enjoy your smokefree Monday.....xoxoxo Pops w/166 Days of Freedom


Wonderful Wednesday

Posted by Pops Feb 5, 2020


Good morning...almost afternoon....EXersToday is a great day to be smokefree....besides, it's Wednesday, and I never smoke on I'm pretty sure my quit is in good shape for today.  I walked into my office this morning @ about 7:00, and there was a local "crier" in our office space standing on his soapbox and just spewing out all sorts of contentiousness remarks of just how terrible things are in our workplace and didn't we see for ourselves just how the upper level management was out to get all of us, and that none of us had any stability in our jobs anymore?!!!

It was at that point that I thought to myself, "here I am trying to get settled in so that I can get to work on the days task, and this idiot is doing anything BUT what he is supposed to be doing...."  Yep, I agree there butthead, "your job is in jeopardy for sure". does that expression go??? "It's hard to soar like an eagle, when you're working around all of these turkeys..."  Oh well, enough of the negativity.  

I have found a silver lining to the dark cloud.  I have plenty to do in a few other buildings onsite & am taking the opportunity to go out and check on my contractors work progress.  I just don't get it....why can't people understand the concept of "just do what is in front of you & the rest will work itself out?"  

I am so glad to be able to walk outside and not feel the need to stop @ the smoking pole and stand around the entryways and exits of the buildings and advertise to the upper level management just how much of my day is spent not being productive because of a deadly and selfish practice of slow motion suicide....

The weather is actually pretty nice today...Not nice enough for a bike ride, but certainly nice enough for a brisk walk.

I hope all of you can enjoy the rest of your Wednesday "smokefree."

Pops /162 DOF!


Tools for Tuesdays....

Posted by Pops Feb 4, 2020

Good morning EXers!

So here we are, another Tuesday in "Smobriety".  Do you have your tools ready to dispatch the boredom and monotony that so often come calling on days when we might not be on our keenest watch?  Remember, the demonic traits of nicotine addiction can come calling @ any given hour, of any given day....It has been my experience, the fateful callings seem to come into my head on days that I am least expecting them.  Especially on the days when I am very busy & occupied with stressful time management that is quite often during the beginning of the work week.

Fortunately, I was able to get away for a few hours yesterday evening and ride the Harley for a bit, and got the stink blown out of my psyche for awhile.  I just love "wind therapy".  I hope you can find something in your life that brings you peace and comfort, and enjoy it as often as you can....

Somedays, the weather is so depressing, that I need to find peace within my home, or just be simply being alone and at one with my inner-self.  You know the one...the one that means for me to be happy joyous and free...(the liberated self).  Not the one that is weak and bound by immature and selfish and fearful elements of my old life.  I am finally free of that bondage, and wish for it to be gone forever from my life.  As much as I wish for it to be gone, it is still a formidable enemy that is as tenacious and enduring as a "cockroach".  No matter how many times I dispatch still seems to come back around uninvited, and certainly unwanted.  That is my lot... However, if my kit of tools is close by, and properly maintained....I will be able to live on and enjoy the day free of bondage of my old nicotine addicted self.

Therefore, I am Pops, and I am very happy to say that on this Tuesday...I have 160 Days of Freedom!

Enjoy your smokefree day today.....



Super Bowl Monday....

Posted by Pops Feb 3, 2020

Good morning EXers! 

How great was that super bowl!?  I actually got to enjoy the entire game without going outside to choke down a butt in the cold back porch....Heck I even got to watch the whole halftime show...and as a "Crusty Ole Biker" you can bet I enjoyed every twirkin second of that performance....(good thing I started on my blood thinners last week), my friends were all telling me to settle down & not have a heart attack...I was sitting in the center of the room just six feet away from a super giant screen seat in the none...

It was a great weekend of not smoking and enjoying the gorgeous spring like temperatures in early February.  Heck, I think I am going to straddle the Iron Pony tonight for a couple of hours...A friend of mine just told me last Saturday that he bought a home just a few blocks north of Duvall Street in Key West...He's going to become an official "snowbird" now.  I told him to be prepared to have a house guest from time to time....I just love Key West.  He is living my dream for sure.

So now it's back to the grind...Monday is calling and I need to get it in gear.  I have contractors working on a large project already, and I need to get over there and make sure everything is going as planned.  Enjoy your Monday (smokefree that is...)

Pops w/158 DOF!!!