"You can't wrap your worth in someone else's" selective deletes!

Blog Post created by Nyima_1.6.13 on Jul 12, 2013

Just a little angry venting and an invitation to anyone who disagrees with what I have to say or doesn't like my style, feel free to let me know directly! I will be the first to admit I can be snarky and I am happy to stay away when asked...otherwise, I might make a comment on your blog!

Deleting whole blogs just because you don't like what people said is counter productive! Just let me know that my opinion is not wanted and I will gladly stay away from your blogs! Feel free to let me know in comments or PM me! If you post a comment after the "offending" comment, that will let others know you are not interested in differing opinions! When you delete your entire blogs including comments, it's hard to remember if I said something that might have offended! It is never my intention to be oppositional for the purpose of being difficult.   I really hope to help some people here!