How Big is This Site

Blog Post created by NewEnglander on Jan 20, 2016

I have hurt  someone(s)'s feelings by deleting messages and my own pledge site footprints off my own page.  See, I have this probably  strange concept about any web site.  They all have X amount of storage. they have X number of members and they have X number of messages, comments, blogs posted on any given day.So in my simple minded thinking I felt I should treat this site the same way I take care of my own computer space.  By cleaning up and out every so often things that have been hanging around for a bit..  However on my own computer I can concatonate - defrag - the space to get more space. I'm not sure a site can do this.. 

It is not my purpose to hurt anyone's feelings by cleaning my site house..  If someone can assure me that BECOME AN EX.ORG has an infinite amount of unused space I will stop my cleaning habits.