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Dear Ex family,

I’m slowly saying goodbye to someone dear-

my dad.

I’m asking the Universe for one more opening day (baseball).

While I want to slowly say goodbye 

Emphysema -COPD has other plans.

This is likely his last week-his body is dying.


We all quit in my family.

If you are thinking of postponing this quit 

please don’t.

My dad tapered for 8 years.

My brother and I quit in 2010

I relapsed in 2013 but came back because I missed Ex 

I had been a 3 pack a day smoker when I quit in 2013.


You can make it hang on.

I’m on my way to see him..he is my dad still making the world safe 

you might be that someone 

Please fight for those you love.

I am so grateful for all this time we had with him.

I am blessed.

Reach out for help and stay quit

Moe Unfiltered original quit 2/5/10 of 3+packs per day 

Quit again 8/06/13


Honesty and Cost

Posted by MoeUnfiltered Feb 26, 2018

Dear Ex family,

its 1665 days here

My life is better and better since I quit.I used to smoke 3.5 packs a day and then found Ex

I stayed quit for 2 years 2010-2012 then I missed the other Exers and found my way back.


A friend told me to quit school -college- this college-the class everything to be safe

but it has meant and does mean the world to me

.He may be correct.Another kid lied about me completely

to the Professor.I think the guy needs help and he trusted me with a lot of details about his life

and seemed to be suffering a lot,But he lied,I have proof he lied.

If school is a place I have to nail someone to the wall to get ahead it turns my stomach then.

I think the guy needs help.


I have gotten as far as I have been alive another day because of quitting smoking.

I will do my best today.

If you fall and pick up another cigarette come back here....connect to these people.

Ex is a good place,

nicotine takes and takes....

If you pray please pray for that other student, "the artist" that he finds courage to do the right thing

and tell the truth.


Moe Unfiltered 8/6/13

Dear Ex Family,

Its been a while...I feel like the prodigal blogger.

I had a conversation today and walked down memory lane a bit.

I have had some friends pass while on my quit journey.

My closest pal in the northeast -Casey. 

She is not the only one.

It has been months now...many months since she is gone.

She passed in a hospice with grace that I do not know I would have.

I was with her.She had been a smoker and passed from lung cancer.

Before that she ate from a tube for three years.She had been closer

than a friend in the childhood sandbox.

I miss her,we understood each other and "saw" each other.We laughed a lot too.

Perhaps you are someone's sandbox friend.

Keep the quit...each day you stay quit matters...coming back matters..


thank you Ex family for every ounce of quit you share


Moe Unfiltered quit since 8/6/13  came back to ex family after relapsing a 2.5 year quit of 3+ packs a day # onedayatatime grief cycle gratitude




UPDATE Relapsed in November have been quit since August 6,2013  Old INFO about me.  I was a 3.5 pack a day smoker.My motivation for stopping is that I don't want to be sick and suffer

I have a good sense of humor and am patient with others,I don't want to lose that during the process of staying stopped.I will know that I have turned a corner when I can laugh about some of this experience.Quit Since February 5,2010

Update July 24,2012

Grateful to be quit,smiling more.Patient with others and no longer inhale all my feelings.

Brief Description

New quit date 8/6/13 Recovering nicotine addict,usually wearing a smile underneath it all


Not one puff No matter What!!!


northeastern u.s.


cats, poetry, photography, peace of mind, working on a forever quit one day at a time


hope i cope with nictone addiction -stay vigilant-have a plan to stay away from that first honest come clean on a blog on ex even if you start thinking about smokinaskfor help with staying quit when you need it and offer help to the newcomer by sharing your experience

Dear Ex Family,

In 2010 I was smoking 3.5 packs a day.

came here and quit.

was in the hospital/nursing home 9 months in 2011 

relapsed and came back 

quit since 8/6/13 

recovered a lot and in school now

My friend Casey just found out in August

that she has lung cancer.

for me she has been the type of friend

I could be myself with 100% and never feel judged.I am lucky to have had someone so close to me that is so loving and forgiving.

perhaps you are someone's friend like that.

stay quit

she has not a lot of time.I will see her today.

please send her a postcard with 

a simple hello thinking about/praying for you.

Her name is Cassandra Hubbs

Kaplan family Hospice

78 liberty street 



one thing that helped me stay quit was

ask myself am I too hungry,angry,lonely

or tired (H.A.L.T) right now and address those needs and talk about it here

Or with friends.

thank you Ex,

 Moeunfiltered 8/6/13

Dear Ex family,

please send prayer and positive thought to

aztec right now.

Aztec is a brave one and writes 

to many new members.

but Not one puff!

Aztec is brave and will come out of this.

Ex is a special place look around

i list aztec as my next of kin.

i hope that connection for any of you

post here or leave messages with

pictures of flowers healing things.

I remember a time when I told people that I was gonna smoke until I died.

I really thought so.I am a former 3.5 pack a day smoker.

i have lost friends to death and disease because of smoking.

presently my friend Casey is in and out of the hospital with pnemonia and she eats through

a tube in her stomach.

We talk on the phone.

She will lose her voicebox as soon as she has the surgery.

Everday I face the results of my own smoking.

My friend Regina died.I visited her sometimes 2x a week as she fought cancer.

Because of Regina and her sickness,I finally believed that could happen to me-that I could fall sick-

and lose the sunshine that rests on my face and in my heart another day on the planet.

I now come from a family where smoking is no more-one day at a time.

My brother and father no longer smoke and I do not either -Thank God!

My life has gotten exponentially better since I quit.

But first it got worse.

My Ex family Virginia,HTC,Bonnie,Joanne,Dale,Shawn,Tommy and Thomas helped to show me the way one day at a time.

Let the sunshine warm you while you are still here to hug for your loved ones,to hope for yourself for a healthy future....

let that sun shine...It will be hard but soon you will feel the warmth ,,,,the hope and the relief


quit 1037 days since 8/6/2013

had quirt 2/5/10 relapsed and come back -happily quit now

Hi Ex Family,

Ahhhh...Two years ago.feels nice.

2010 is when I first came to Ex.My friend Regina  inspired me.

She was sick beyond of the happiest people I knew..encouraging,loving and strong'

had water on the brain,had lymphoma...I was shocked and lost my it cant happen to me card.At the time I first quit i was smoking over 3 packs a day.I had the jitters I had nightmares from the pathch.i joined quit groups repeatedly to stay quit at the local hospitalIn the first 24 hours I was on Ex getting support from other recent quitters too.

If you are new.i am someone who said...No Way Never..they can pry the cigarettes out of my cold dead hand.i worried that I would not be "me" without my smoky appendage.

I relapsed and came back.after 2 and a half years quit.I relapsed.thankfully I could not enjoythe habit.I had grown to not likr the smell and problems with my legs returned.

Thank you Ex family,

Moe quit since 8/6/13

Hi Ex Family,

I am coming up on two years quit but I have been an Ex member since 2010.

I used to smoke over three packs a day.

There were so many things that I used to believe that have changed.

I fought hard to quit in 2010 and elicited help from everywhere I could.My Ex family has helped tremendously LindaBonnieAztecThomasMikecityAztecHTCDalePir8fanShawnandmanymanymore,I also went to quit groups,a hypnotist,got support from my doctor.

I needed all that to battle the beliefs I had.Some were the belief that smoking would not have me suffer bad health,that smoking was my right and I was only hurting me.Those are just two.

I am grateful for my quit and all the support the battle with beliefs or the mindset required partnering up with those trying to change thier beliefs too.

Thank you Ex and Exers!!!

Moe Unfiltered quit since 8/6/13

Had lost a quit that was 2.5 years long picked up smoking but missed my health and my Ex family and came back.

You can stay quit

even if your heart gets broken

on your birthday

You can stay quit because you had the power all along.

Moe Quit 628 had a birthday recently still quit not one puff you guys either ok?

Former 3.5 pack a day smoker.Quit for 2.5 years relapsed

came back because I missed my Ex family quit since 8/6/13


One More Day

Posted by MoeUnfiltered Apr 12, 2015


It is a beautiful day here in the Northeast and I thought of my Ex family.

I thought of you all because things are not ideal...i am still learning patience,

forgivness and where to put my energies and it has been a Stressful time but

smoking is not part of the equation

it is not a stray thought that seems even reasonable.

I have not always been this I want good health...I think I deserve good things..

I thank you Exers that are here day in and day out to remind the newcomer that it will

get better.

I ahve more tommorrow because of Ex and my Ex family

Moe Unfiltered quit since 8-6-13

(Ex member since 2010...former 3.5 pack a day smoker had a 2.5 year quit relapsed and came back)

Hello Ex.

I am happy with my quit.I got a locker today.i heard that Thomas posted on here for those quit a while to say if they are happy and I am.

Anyway I got a locker.I showed up i waited i stoood where I was supposed and nothing stood

in my way.At one point a voice in my head said the line will be long you may be too late...

Anyway....When I quit the first time in 2010 I was a three and a half pack a day smoker.I did not believe at the time I could do it.I joined EX and did 6 quit smoking groups...It was not easy.I relapsed after a 2.5 year quit.

I came back August 6,2012.I missed my Ex family.You can do it !!let nothing stand in your path.


Grateful to Ex Family

Posted by MoeUnfiltered Sep 21, 2014

Dear Ex Family,

I was telling some follks about the quit board the other day.

I told them how missing you all helped me quit again.

It has been 411 days now.I do from to time let my thinking

stray...but my actions remain true to my quit....

This morning I am praying for a dear friend,the collaborator..

praying Dear loving Father,thank you for my friends

patience with himself and others.amen

(I pray in the affirmative)

Anyway...hold on if you are having thoughts of smoking today..

It gets better!!!1

It Really does!

Moe Unfiltered quit since 8/6/13

formerly had a 2.5 year quit from 3.5 packs a day

Dear Ex family,

sometimes I get down in the dumps.This time I worry I brought a treasured friend with me.

Please pray for he and I.


missed my Ex Family quit since 8/6/2013 formerly quit for 2.5 years,missed my Ex family


I believe I can Fly (song Lyrics wriiten by R.Kelly)

I used to think that I could not go on

and life was nothing but an awful song.

but now I know the meaning of true love

I'm leaning on the everlasting arms

   If I can see it,then I can do it

If I just believe it,There's nothing to it

I believe I can fly

I believe I can touch the sky

I think about it every night and day

Spread my wings and fly away

See I was on the verge of breaking down

Sometimes silence can be so loud

There are miracles in life I must achieve

But first I know it starts inside of me...


excerpt from lyrics written by


298 DAYS...

Posted by MoeUnfiltered May 31, 2014

Hi Ex Family,

298 is catchy...I did not get there alone...Boy have I complained loudly at times.

Sad lately..may have lost a good friend by being too pushy....

I havehad craves lately.

Seems I made a freind I really care about uncomfortable....whatever happens..I am so greatful to have met this human....Time has a way of healing things..but demanding patience of myself...well that has a way of making me want to self destruct with Old  Nick (the nicedemon)

Thank you Ex family...Thank you to the elders like Dale and Thomas,Mike City,Tommy,Linda..Thank you guys for keeping Ex Family feel hope.

Moe Unfiltered

Quit since 8/6/13 had a 2.5 year quit. at the time of the first quit I had been smoking 3.5 packs per day....Nothing is Impossible....Missing Ex Family Ruined my relapse