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I began my quit on October 1st 2004. I was so tired of slowly killing myself with those smokes. I had turned cigarettes into a god & smoking into a religion. I've never once regretted my decision to quit.

"A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor" ~ English proverb

"Just because you don't know how to do something doesn't mean you can't do it." ~ Jeanine Frost

"A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trial" ~ Chinese proverb

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal." ~ Henry Ford (1863-1947)

"What if I were to give up today & my peace would have come tomorrow..." ~ A Friend

"Can't is the father of feeble endeavor" ~ Edgar Guest

A craving is not a command & will go away even if we don't smoke."

"One day at a craving at a time." ~ Lori

"The only limits to the possibilities in your life tomorrow are the 'buts' you use today." --Les Brown

“It is in the present that we create our future.” ~Chuck

"Don't mourn because you can't smoke anymore, laugh because you don't have to."

"If you want to change your life...change your mind." ~A Friend~

I'd rather be a non-smoker who thinks about smoking once in awhile, than a smoker who's always thinking about quitting" ~ Anonymous ~

“The man who complains about the way the ball bounces is likely the one who dropped it.” ~ Lou Holtz

The 'Epiphany' and Success.

Anyone Can Do This

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A Request

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Jan 5, 2017

My sister Linda & her doctor have been monitoring a spot on her lung & it's getting larger quite fast. A biopsy is planned for the 19th & I wish prayers from all of you. Linda is a lifelong smoker.

Keep on keepin on,

M n @


Cousin Earlene

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Oct 26, 2016

So I’ve been putting off posting this because of the nature of this news. I posted in September that my cousin Earline had been diagnosed with lung cancer, was given maybe a year & that she had chosen to forego any treatment due to the spread of the disease. So they give her maybe a year & she only made it a month. I just grow weary from this kind of news.

I want you all to know that I don't post this for sympathy. My hope is that it will be the catalyst to someone's decision to lead a smoke free life. Smoking is not a habit but a deadly addiction. A life or death battle against Nic Demon. Guess who wins if you don't quit? Please make the commitment & stick to it. You don’t want the last image of you to your loved ones to be an unrecognizable you.

Keep on keepin on,


He's a bully

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Oct 18, 2016

I see him every day…tormenting the weak. Preying, lurking in the shadows of their minds. Traveling deep & hiding in every little pocket of memory. Later he will spring from his hiding place & they’ll embrace him. He’ll give them pleasure in the beginning & they’ll be best of friends. Slowly he demands more until he’s so embedded in their minds he becomes normalcy. He tells them where they can or cannot go & how long they can stay. Their friends & family can wait because their lives are dedicated to another. They learn new ways to please him. He demands their money, their time, their health. He takes their loved ones & friends to show them the results of a life with him & yet they cling desperately to him. Frightened & unwilling to cast him out they tread slowly to the gallows. They don’t know they have a choice. He has dulled their minds.

But some will awaken. They will be tired of this bully who controls their lives. They will fight him with all that is in them. They will do whatever needs doing to rid him from their lives. Getting rid of a bully is a hard thing to do & takes a huge effort. There are times when he will return only to be kicked out again but most will give up & resign themselves to his control for the rest of their lives.

Some succeed by coming here. Here are people that can show you the way. Here are people who walk the walk. Depend on them & learn how to remain free. Learn what this bully has done to your body…but mostly what he has done to your mind. We can’t do it for you. You’re the one who must dig deep within & find the courage to battle this bully. No we can’t do it for you but we CAN hold your hand. Try us…we hate bullies.

Keep on keepin on,

Let's see...uuum...that comes to Twelve years, 9 hours, 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

You can do it too.

Keep on keepin on,


I have been on sporadically the last couple of weeks due to a concern. It seems a lot of those that I love & care for are/were smokers. Now I'm about to add my cousin Earlene to the infamous list that I publish occassionally. My concern is her diagnosis of lung cancer & we know now what we suspected all along...nothing can be done. So Earlene has decided to suspend all treatment. The doctors say maybe a year but it's been my experience that when a patient faces the inevitable such as this they've just given up & go rather fast. I don't know what else to say other than I'm tired of it all. She has always been sweet & shy & a good friend to me. I love her.

So...For those who think me overly dramatic when I say this is a matter of life or death, just ask my mother, my father, my sister June, my brother Levin, Aunt Nancy, my granny, sil Sue, Uncle Pete, Uncle Harold, my friends Ronnie & Willard, JL, Mac & Butch. Linda friend of Linda, friend of DaleDale’s Aunt Dorothy. Uncle Ed, cousin Curt, Ex Nancy’s grandmother, Ex Nancy’s neighbor Karen, uncle, sister in law & neighbors husband, Connie’s stepfather JP & Uncle Chuck, Kris’s Mom, Jessie’s Dad only 2 days before her high school graduation, Ryan’s mom when he was only 17, Teresa’s friend Paul, sister in law & uncle. There's Laura’s (Michwoman)Mother, Patty-Cake’s Grandfather, Uncle & brother in law,  Joyeuxencore’s dad & grandfather, Misty@Dawn’s dad, grandfather & ex-husband, Tigerladie’s dad, Harvey D’s wife, Giulia’s friend Kiel, Sharon’s Mom & Dad, Jennifer’s Mother, Moody’s stepdad, Ann B’s Mom. Didn't we just say goodbye to someone who was dear to us all. Froguelady was an inspiration & a good friend to every life she touched here. Now I soon will add my cousin Earlene to this awful list. I get tired every time I post it.

These are all loved ones & friends that we will see no more. Please don’t let this be you to your children & loved ones. Make a commitment…I’m just sayin.

This is the last time I will publish this blog. I'm tired of it all.



Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Aug 26, 2016

Don't just say it...PRACTICE IT!

As Dale says, "Keep em away from your face."

Keep on keepin on y'all,

In 4,344 days free from smoking I have saved $22,807.66

Keep on keepin on,



Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Aug 5, 2016

She came to me last night. My mind was weak from the toils of the day & I let her in without question. It was such a pleasant visit as she led me down the path to times past. We had a few drinks and then hand in hand we returned to our younger days. In my eyes she was beautiful again, I was trim & could do the things not done in so long. We were up most of the night …remembering & getting reacquainted.

The next morning Nicole woke me & said she had to leave. I panicked & realized that after being apart for so long I did need her. I begged her to stay. At first she was reluctant because of the way I had spurned her those years ago. Finally she gave in but told me how things would have to be. “You must treat me as a lover, I go everywhere with you, I choose where we go, I choose what we do, I choose who we see. I’m a high maintenance gal so be ready for that or I walk right now. No complaining about health. You’re getting older & things will happen to your body so don’t blame me when you start breaking down. But do remember that I love you.” I couldn’t resist her. She is all I need.

Nicole: Well I’ve got him again. It was easy making him beg. He will have forgotten his old smoke free life & embrace me totally. By the time he gets back to thinking of quitting me he will be so weak & frightened that it will just go on. He will not be able to do it & I’ll have another soul to burn. At his end he’ll look like a pile of ashes…gray & withered. Exactly the way I like em.

It’s not my intention to be mean but these souls are my only sustenance. Of 100 people who quit, I only lose 6. The rest go back to being  my slaves. Pretty good numbers huh. It’s not really that hard, I am all thing to all people because I am you...I am everyone.

So think about it…if I can get this guy back after so many years…what makes you think you have a chance.


I'm a Selfish Man

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Jul 8, 2016

I would like to say that when I made the decision to quit smoking it was for some noble reason. For my children, my wife or in the memory of loved ones lost. But I can say none of those things because my reason for quitting was a purely selfish one. I was simply tired of it. Tired of the wheezing, the sickness, the planning, the smell, the taste, the deception, of just being tired. Cancer nor any other smoking related illness crossed my mind as I was making my choice. If you are truly sick & tired of smoking you will not go back. It’s time for some of you to get selfish with your quits.

Keep on keepin on, 

Every Friday my friend Youngatheart (Nancy) posts a blog about drinking & what a hazard it is to ones quit. Well let me  tell you. I was just with a couple of friends having a beer. They don't smoke & never have. While drinking my beer & enjoying the company the thought hit me...a cigarette would be good right now. ONE BEER! Now where the hell did that come from. I'm almost at 12 years quit & I have thoughts of smoking while I'm drinking??? I passed it off because I've been practicing NOPE for so long that it's second nature. What about you that only have a few days, weeks or months under your belt? How will you respond to that thought? Drinking WILL inhibit your decision making. Just sayin.

Keep on keepin on,

Just recieved an e-mail notifying me of winning the Nigerian Lottery! I want you all to know that as soon as I pay the taxes I'll foot the bill for everyones trip to the next EX Reunion.




Try this

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Jun 13, 2016

There's a kangaroo that can be a bit if a smart-ass. Save his life & he'll be your friend.



Solve this Puzzle

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Jun 9, 2016

Solve this puzzle.


More Distractions

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Jun 6, 2016

Keep on keepin on,

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