So I got a call last night...

Blog Post created by Mike.n.Atlanta on Feb 15, 2019

Yeah it was Nicole & she was being a *****. Trying to act like nothing happened the last time we were together & wanted to just pick up where we left off. Well I let her know right off we’d never be an item again…EVER. She talked about all the “good” times we had together & how “happy” we were. The friends we had, the places we’d been. Parties, concerts, dancing, the races. She was so animated about it all & remembered fondly every one of those times. I was smiling while thinking of those times & then something snapped in my head. She was playing me again! I laid down the law & told her to get out & never bother me again. I knew she would never really go away for good but I had to let her know we were really through. She was just as mad as the last time I asked her to leave but now she left with a message that cut to my soul.

“Well that’s okay, I’m going over to visit your daughter. You know we’ve been friends for quite a while now right?”

No…I did not.