He's a bully

Blog Post created by Mike.n.Atlanta on Oct 18, 2016

I see him every day…tormenting the weak. Preying, lurking in the shadows of their minds. Traveling deep & hiding in every little pocket of memory. Later he will spring from his hiding place & they’ll embrace him. He’ll give them pleasure in the beginning & they’ll be best of friends. Slowly he demands more until he’s so embedded in their minds he becomes normalcy. He tells them where they can or cannot go & how long they can stay. Their friends & family can wait because their lives are dedicated to another. They learn new ways to please him. He demands their money, their time, their health. He takes their loved ones & friends to show them the results of a life with him & yet they cling desperately to him. Frightened & unwilling to cast him out they tread slowly to the gallows. They don’t know they have a choice. He has dulled their minds.

But some will awaken. They will be tired of this bully who controls their lives. They will fight him with all that is in them. They will do whatever needs doing to rid him from their lives. Getting rid of a bully is a hard thing to do & takes a huge effort. There are times when he will return only to be kicked out again but most will give up & resign themselves to his control for the rest of their lives.

Some succeed by coming here. Here are people that can show you the way. Here are people who walk the walk. Depend on them & learn how to remain free. Learn what this bully has done to your body…but mostly what he has done to your mind. We can’t do it for you. You’re the one who must dig deep within & find the courage to battle this bully. No we can’t do it for you but we CAN hold your hand. Try us…we hate bullies.

Keep on keepin on,