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I have been on sporadically the last couple of weeks due to a concern. It seems a lot of those that I love & care for are/were smokers. Now I'm about to add my cousin Earlene to the infamous list that I publish occassionally. My concern is her diagnosis of lung cancer & we know now what we suspected all along...nothing can be done. So Earlene has decided to suspend all treatment. The doctors say maybe a year but it's been my experience that when a patient faces the inevitable such as this they've just given up & go rather fast. I don't know what else to say other than I'm tired of it all. She has always been sweet & shy & a good friend to me. I love her.

So...For those who think me overly dramatic when I say this is a matter of life or death, just ask my mother, my father, my sister June, my brother Levin, Aunt Nancy, my granny, sil Sue, Uncle Pete, Uncle Harold, my friends Ronnie & Willard, JL, Mac & Butch. Linda friend of Linda, friend of DaleDale’s Aunt Dorothy. Uncle Ed, cousin Curt, Ex Nancy’s grandmother, Ex Nancy’s neighbor Karen, uncle, sister in law & neighbors husband, Connie’s stepfather JP & Uncle Chuck, Kris’s Mom, Jessie’s Dad only 2 days before her high school graduation, Ryan’s mom when he was only 17, Teresa’s friend Paul, sister in law & uncle. There's Laura’s (Michwoman)Mother, Patty-Cake’s Grandfather, Uncle & brother in law,  Joyeuxencore’s dad & grandfather, Misty@Dawn’s dad, grandfather & ex-husband, Tigerladie’s dad, Harvey D’s wife, Giulia’s friend Kiel, Sharon’s Mom & Dad, Jennifer’s Mother, Moody’s stepdad, Ann B’s Mom. Didn't we just say goodbye to someone who was dear to us all. Froguelady was an inspiration & a good friend to every life she touched here. Now I soon will add my cousin Earlene to this awful list. I get tired every time I post it.

These are all loved ones & friends that we will see no more. Please don’t let this be you to your children & loved ones. Make a commitment…I’m just sayin.

This is the last time I will publish this blog. I'm tired of it all.

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