Blog Post created by Mike.n.Atlanta on Aug 5, 2016

She came to me last night. My mind was weak from the toils of the day & I let her in without question. It was such a pleasant visit as she led me down the path to times past. We had a few drinks and then hand in hand we returned to our younger days. In my eyes she was beautiful again, I was trim & could do the things not done in so long. We were up most of the night …remembering & getting reacquainted.

The next morning Nicole woke me & said she had to leave. I panicked & realized that after being apart for so long I did need her. I begged her to stay. At first she was reluctant because of the way I had spurned her those years ago. Finally she gave in but told me how things would have to be. “You must treat me as a lover, I go everywhere with you, I choose where we go, I choose what we do, I choose who we see. I’m a high maintenance gal so be ready for that or I walk right now. No complaining about health. You’re getting older & things will happen to your body so don’t blame me when you start breaking down. But do remember that I love you.” I couldn’t resist her. She is all I need.

Nicole: Well I’ve got him again. It was easy making him beg. He will have forgotten his old smoke free life & embrace me totally. By the time he gets back to thinking of quitting me he will be so weak & frightened that it will just go on. He will not be able to do it & I’ll have another soul to burn. At his end he’ll look like a pile of ashes…gray & withered. Exactly the way I like em.

It’s not my intention to be mean but these souls are my only sustenance. Of 100 people who quit, I only lose 6. The rest go back to being  my slaves. Pretty good numbers huh. It’s not really that hard, I am all thing to all people because I am you...I am everyone.

So think about it…if I can get this guy back after so many years…what makes you think you have a chance.