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Add Drama

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta May 31, 2016

A great Distraction

Keep on keepin on,


Am I Right or Wrong?

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta May 20, 2016

I have rarely been on in the last week or so & when I was it was from the library. They only let you stay on for 30 minutes. Extremely bad virus on my pc & the computer guy doesn't think it's worth saving.. Don't tell anyone but I'm using my work computer.

Anyway...have been reading some blogs & my subject is "Cold Turkey". It is my opinion that cold turkey means no nicotine replacement at all. Some have said they quit cold turkey but had the lozenges, e-cig or inhaler or what other nrt they use available for the rough spots.

Do I not understand what cold turkey means?

Keep on keepin on,

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