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From Sootie

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Dec 17, 2015

Yesterday my friend Sootie posted a response on my blog that I hope evryone will read.

"You think it's hard to quit smoking?

Think how hard it will be to sit in front of the doctor and hear the words, "I'm sorry, but, it's cancer."

Think how hard it will be to sit down and tell your family that you have very limited time left with them.

Think of how hard your life will be as you weaken from the disease....maybe need oxygen 24/7....unable to climb stairs, unable to play with your kids

Think of how hard it will be to know that you did this to yourself....robbed yourself of years of life.

Quitting smoking hard??????? BE REAL."

Keep on keepin on y'all,


I'll Never Forget

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Dec 16, 2015

I hate going to the doctor & missing work. Really I just hated going to the doctor. But I figured she knocked out a bout of bronchitis pretty quick the previous November so she could do it again.

I’m waiting in the little room for what seemed an hour. The doctor finally arrives & we exchange pleasantries. What’s your problem? How long has it been going on this time. I would have at least 2 bouts with this every year. Taking off my shirt I’m dreading the coldness of her stethoscope, breathe deep, deeper. Okay. Looks like the bronchitis again but I want to take a chest X-Ray.


This is probably the most feared word other than cancer to a smoker or an ex-smoker. Okay, this is the day that I never wanted to happen. Put on a robe, follow a nurse down a maze of halls for what seems like miles, everyone knows you smoked for all those years. They know you’re going for X-Ray. Dead man walking. You feel as if the others are looking at you with pity. The X-Ray didn’t take long & I was soon back in my little room trying to get my mind off this thing. What was I going to tell my family? Who would take care of them? I’m not even a grandfather yet. I’ve got two little girls I want to watch grow up. Who’s gonna put up lights & decorate the yard & house for them at Christmas? Who was gonna hide eggs at Easter? Why was I so stupid to keep smoking those things? Even after watching family & friends die at the hands of tobacco I continued to slowly kill myself. I had always been so cavalier about it. Hey, I gotta die of something. The moment of truth & I’m cowering like an abused animal because of the news I know the doctor will give me.

She finally returns & taking forever to close the door. Couldn’t she have made all those notes before she came in?

Well Mike we’ve looked at your X-Ray & see that…oh man here it is, how am I going to explain how stupid I was…everything looks good & your chest is clear. We’re gonna give you these & need you to do this.

I can’t explain the sheer joy & relief that washed over me in that room. Just knowing that the worst was coming. After all, I had smoked for 35 years so I deserved to go down like this. I went home that day a changed man. Sometimes if I get a little cocky I think back to that day in the doctor’s office & remember the dread that ate at my very soul. I’ve not been sick except for maybe a cold a year & they never lasted long at all. I’ve decorated & put lights on the house for every Christmas since. I’ve hidden eggs for every Easter since. There will be many more to come I know. All I have to do is remember that day to keep me from ever smoking again. All the time I have now is free. I’m going to do the most with it that I can.

You should too.

Keep on keepin on,


Do We Have A Choice?

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Dec 1, 2015

If we tell people they had no choice when they smoked because this is an addiction have we done them any favors? (It’s not your fault, you had no choice you’re an addict) Or have we removed all responsibility from the smokers shoulder? Have we given them another excuse for relapse?

Would love some opinions on this, I have more to add.

Keep on keepin on,

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