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Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Nov 8, 2015

A while back I asked for prayers for my SIL Julie because of her cancer diagnosis. I come here today so happy to say thank you. Things are going so well for Julie & we feel she's gonna have a clean bill of health very soon. She is working again & back to her old self.

Thank you all so much for the prayers & well wishes!

Keep on keepin on y'all,


The Band Plays On

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Nov 5, 2015

Some of you may recall that my sister June died of cancer in 2010. Her son Brandon has now called to inform us that his dad has been diagnosed with lung cancer. When will we quit doing this to ourselves? Our families & friends are the only ones that care for us…not the tobacco companies that we’ve all paid homage to for these so many years. I’m not gonna rant on here.

For those of you on the fence, you serial quitters, the ones who refuse to take responsibility, & those of you who think this a game…spare me your excuses.  This IS a matter of life or death. Grow a spine & save your life!

Keep on keepin on,

P.S. - I don't post this for sympathy. Have sympathy for those that feel they're not strong enough to do what you have done.

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