Life or Breath

Blog Post created by Mike.n.Atlanta on Aug 26, 2015

Was asked to update & repost this.

I can’t say that I’ve suffered more personal losses than anyone else here. It just seems like it to me. I know only of those lost that are dear to my heart. It’s never an easy thing to lose the ones we love. No matter how long we have to prepare for the day they slip into the darkness we’re still not ready when it happens. Your loved ones won’t be ready either.

For those who think me overly dramatic when I say this is a matter of life or death, just ask my mother & father, sister June, brother Levin, Aunt Nancy  & my grandmother, sister in law Sue, Uncle Pete & Uncle Harold, or my friends Ronnie & Willard, JL, Mac & Butch.  Dale’s Aunt Dorothy, Uncle Ed & cousin Curt. Ex Nancy’s grandmother, neighbor Karen, uncle & sister in law or her neighbors husband.  Connie’s stepfather JP & Uncle Chuck. Kris’s Mom. Jessie’s Dad only 2 days before her high school graduation. Ryan’s mom when he was only 17, Teresa’s friend Paul, her sister in law & uncle, Laura’s (Michwoman) Mother, Patty-Cake’s Grandfather, uncle & brother in law, Joyeuxencore’s dad & grandfather, Misty@Dawn’s dad, grandfather & ex-husband or Tigerladie’s dad, Harvey D’s wife, Giulia’s friend Kiel, Sharon’s Mom & Dad, Jennifer’s Mother, Moody’s stepdad & Ann B’s Mom. Wait a minute…you can’t ask any of these people…they’ve all died from lung cancer & other smoking related illnesses.

These are all loved ones & friends that we will see no more. Don’t let this be you to your children & loved ones. Make a commitment…I’m just sayin.

Keep on keepin on,

P.S.- Here’s a little something to chew on. Of the members I listed above, how many are still active here? We’re all gung ho to encourage & praise our active members. How bout we reach out to those friends of ours we haven’t seen around in a while. Maybe they’re good in their quit & still living smoke free…but then maybe we didn’t reach out enough when they were here & they felt no one cared.