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I came here today to pay tribute to one that none of you know.

Here was a lady who was tired of smoking & the toll it had demanded on every part of her life. Her husband was a non-smoker & had loved her through her 40-50 years of puffing her life away. She was scared in the beginning & unsure of how she would make it happen. She joined a site much like EX & began the journey that we all hope will be uninterrupted by a slip or failure altogether. She learned as much as she could & posted & read & supported others every day. There were days when she didn’t show. I reached out & found her hanging on by the skin of her teeth. Though still weak & unsure she would remain smoke free to spite the demon. In time she became the strongest supporter of anyone in trouble. She was such an inspiration to all of us there & never was one as respected as Mary.

Last Saturday, May 23 was Mary’s 10th smoke free anniversary. I feel it even more special than my own because Mary also turned 81 years old this year. Yes…she began her quit at 71 years old. A time when many of us would say “what the hell” or what’s the use”. She decided she would live the rest of her life smoke free no matter the difficulties that were sure to come. You had to admire anyone who would take this on at her age.

So to any of you that feel quitting impossible because of the things going on in your life, it’s just not the right time, I’ve been smoking too long, it’s so much harder for me or any of the other multitude of EXCUSES, I’m not buying it. I know someone who has debunked all of your logic so pardon me if I don’t get all touchy feely when you’re having a rough day.

Keep on keepin on,

M n @

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