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Prayers Please

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Mar 2, 2015

It seems we are forever requesting prayers for friends or loved ones. I come this evening asking for prayers for my sister in law Julie. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer today. They tell us they've found it early but a few knee mails can't hurt.

Thanks to you all & keep on keepin on,

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E-Cigs Again

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Mar 2, 2015

U.S. federal courts ruled that electronic cigarettes cannot be considered quit-smoking aids by the FDA, but must be regulated as tobacco products. After this ruling, the largest distributors of e-cigarettes admitted their products were intended all along as smoking substitutes, not quit-aids (two of many examples):

                 “Understand that this is a cigarette. We are acting as a cigarette company. We  have all the applicable warnings on all our packaging that actually backs that up...We do not represent the product as healthy or safe.” Ray Story, VP of Smoking Everywhere

                 “We can now market our product the way we always should have been able to... This is plain and simple [sic] an alternative to smoking for committed, longtime smokers."  Matt Salmon, CEO of Sottera Inc



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