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Look Within

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Jan 20, 2015

Not to trivialize anyone’s quit but there’s not a story or excuse to come through here that we haven’t heard or lived. Someone has been there. That’s how we help. We know where you are & how bad it hurts to long for something that’s been such a huge part of our lives. We know how hard it is to pass that store & not pull in for a pack. We remember how easy it is to bum just one from a co-worker or friend. We know how easy it is to justify pulling out the hidden cigarette that we kept around for “just in case”. We know how disheartening it feels to say “what’s the use”? We remember the fear of the urges that were sure to overwhelm us. We know the anger at finally knowing we had lost control of our lives to smoking. We can help with any problem you wanna throw at us but we can’t unless you ask.

We’re all behind you in this quit & know you have the strength to succeed. Everyone does if they know where to look.

Keep on keepin on,

M n @

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