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So I’m sitting in the van waiting on my better half to pick up some things at the grocer. I spy a fella a few spots away standing at the back of his pickup smoking a cigarette & so grateful it isn’t me anymore. He gets through & remains there so I figure he’s waiting for someone. It gets into a few minute of him waiting & I can see that he’s beginning to get  a little antsy. I’m thinking wow he’s about to smoke another one. That was me & I knew exactly what was going through his mind. Will she be back soon? Do I have time to smoke another before she returns? I don’t wanna waste one if she’s coming back soon & have to put it out. Maybe I should smoke another now & that’ll get me home. After waitng all this time to decide he finally gave in & lit one up. Of course here she came right after that. So now she’s waiting for him to finish. I can hear her…put it out & let’s go…But I just lit it up. I’m not throwin away a perfectly good cigarette. It went on & on until he finished. When he finally got back in the truck they were both mad.

Think you don’t have a problem. Smoking consumes the thoughts of a nicotine addict. I’m just sayin.

Keep on keepin on,

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