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So You're Gonna Do This

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Oct 28, 2014

So even with the NicoDemon’s loudest demands that you can’t do it, you’ve managed to convince yourself that you need to quit smoking…that you should quit smoking. Congratulations! So what do you do now?

First off let’s make a sincere commitment that we will protect this quit at any cost. We don’t smoke anymore. Educate yourself about our addiction. There are some pages here that you should visit & glean every bit of information you can. And do what they say because…that’s just the way this all works.

Dale’s Page

Guilia’s Page

Thomas’ Page

How To Quit Smoking

Make a plan & stick to it. It’s not really that hard but too many of us listen to that little voice in our head that says I need to smoke. No one needs to smoke. It’s a choice. No matter how difficult, It’s still a choice. You may have to make that choice every few minutes but every time you do that urge gets weaker & weaker & that little voice gets quieter & quieter.

I don’t care how much you may think you know about quitting or how many scientific reports you’ve memorized, the people here have lived it & are living it every day. What you “tried” before didn’t work or you would have a lot of quit time under your belt. You wanna quit, listen to the people here. We will be your friend, we will be here when you need us & sometimes when you don’t but we can’t help if you don’t reach out. That’s what we’re here for. We can’t foresee what situations real or imagined, that you may put yourself into. Come here before you smoke & let us help. If you can’t get here ask yourself one question. Will smoking a cigarette in any way possible change my situation for the better. Be honest with your answer. We couldn’t possibly know if you’ve sneaked a smoke but it wouldn’t hurt us anyway. You would only be hurting yourself.

You’ll discover a new you in just a short time. You will begin to do things that you never thought possible. I’m not just talking about giving up smoking here either. You will become a stronger more confident you. You won’t realize it but it will be a direct consequence of you quitting cigarettes. Trust me on that.

Look me up if you need me, I’ll be around…along with a couple of hundred others.

Keep on keepin on,

M n @


It's All Yours

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Oct 23, 2014

It's your quit and your's alone. We may be quitting with you but we can't quit for you.
I'm just sayin.

Keep on keepin on,

M n @

I stood there with a lit cigarette in my hand. What a stupid thing to do with my life I thought, but I took a drag anyway. It burned as I inhaled the poison into my lungs. The smoke curling into my face, watering my eyes, the heavy chest & labored breathing was my only reward for this exercise. I hadn’t enjoyed a cigarette in years & knew that I wouldn’t enjoy this one but I did it anyway. I was thinking as I had many times in the past how stupid smoking is. I was so tired of this addiction. I didn’t know I had a choice.

This was my life when I began this cessation journey. Thirty times a day I berated myself at how stupid I was to continue yet I pressed on. In the beginning I was so afraid. How would I live my life without my friend & companion of so many years. How would I face the urges that were sure to overwhelm me. But I met those fears head on & found them an empty threat. I followed blindly the advice given me by those that had ANY quit longer than my own.

A thanks to those of you here who have picked up the torch & helped those along who have hard times. You don’t have to do it but you do & I understand why. Hopefully those you help will also understand one day.

Thank you to every newbie that struggles here. You help me keep it green by reminding me of  where I was that evening 10 years ago today. Remember…you aren’t losing anything…you’re gaining your life back.

May your journey take you to where I am today & beyond.

Keep on keepin on,

M n @...smoke free for 10 years, 7 hours, 6 minutes and 5 seconds...6...7...8...9...

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