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One More Plea

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Aug 4, 2014

I haven’t been here in the last week because of a death in the family. Levin was not a pretentious man. Like him or not he didn’t care. He believed life was a party & that’s how he lived. He was my brother & I loved him.

Levin was also in an advanced stage of COPD & that is what put strain on the heart that failed him. He carried his oxygen everywhere he went & he smoked on. The drug nicotine is so powerful that he smoked while using the oxygen once & caught his face on fire. We could never do that could we…could we? Could we possibly let something have that much control over our lives & minds that we could have a life threatening safety lapse. Yes you could. We knew his days were numbered, still it came as a surprise to us. I’m glad it came quickly this way for him instead of waiting till he had to struggle for the least little breath.

And so it continues.

For those who think me overly dramatic when I say this is a matter of life or death, just ask my mother & father, sister June, brother Levin, Aunt Nancy  & my grandmother, sister in law Sue, Uncle Pete & Uncle Harold, or my friends Ronnie & Willard, JL, Mac & Butch.  Dale’s Aunt Dorothy, Uncle Ed & cousin Curt. Ex Nancy’s grandmother, uncle & sister in Law or her neighbors husband.  Connie’s stepfather JP & Uncle Chuck. Kris’s Mom. Jessie’s Dad only 2 days before her high school graduation. Ryan’s mom when he was only 17, Teresa’s friend Paul, her sister in law & uncle, Laura’s (Michwoman) Mother…Patty-Cake’s Grandfather, uncle & brother in law…Joyeuxencore’s dad & grandfather…Misty@Dawn’s dad, grandfather & ex-husband & Tigerladie’s dad., Harvey D’s wife, Giulia’s friend Kiel & Sharon’s Dad Jennifer’s Mother, Moody’s stepdad & Ann B’s Mom  But then you can’t ask any of them…they’ve all died from lung cancer & other smoking related illnesses.

These are all loved ones & friends that we will see no more. Don’t let this be you to your children & loved ones. Make a commitment  I’m just sayin.

Keep on keepin on,

M n @

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