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His daughter called & said if I wanted to say goodbye I should hurry over, they doubted he would make it through the night. He had been diagnosed at stage 4 lung, brain, liver you name it cancer. A little over a month earlier he woke up hurting & couldn't go to work so he made an appointment with a doctor. He was in the hospital for about 2 weeks. They kept fluids in him, did some chemo & radiation. They finally sent him home & he looked good. He smoked a couple of cigarettes on the way home from the hospital with his son. Originally they had given him 4-6 months. While he was at home he wouldn't eat, drink, get out of bed or anything & contracted pneumonia & was severely dehydrated. A week after getting out of the hospital I got a call that he had collapsed that morning & been taken back to the hospital. I couldn't believe the difference that a week had made since I had last seen him. Saturday he looked even worse. Think about all the photos you may have seen on this site & others. The sunken eyes, the palest skin & labored breathing. Just laying there, mouth wide open, tubes in his arms & hands, oxygen to his nose. He weighed hardly anything. I hope you never have a personal experience with this affliction. This addiction demands all & takes all.  Willard had smoked just about all of his 66 years & quit that evening at around 7:30 P.M. about an hour after my wife, the girls & I left. If you've never seen this I urge you to look for some photos or videos & scare the hell out of yourself. Real life is much worse.

Keep on keepin on,

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Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Nov 18, 2013

Smoke free for nine years, one month, two weeks, three days, 9 hours, 8 minutes and 54 seconds.

100000 cigarettes not smoked, saving $22,513.82. Life saved: 49 weeks, 4 days, 10 hours, 25 minutes.

I'm gonna keep on keepin on. Join me.

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