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Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Oct 28, 2013

The day I quit smoking I took stock of my physical feelings & appearance.

The heavy chest

The labored breathing

The rattling in my chest

The rawness of my throat

The brown stains on my fingers

My yellow teeth

The aching joints

The red & watering  eyes from the smoke

Even from the beginning I felt that remembering these things would somehow become important to me keeping my quit later on. My premonition proved to be true but only after a year or so.

I had been quit for almost 1 ½ years when things occurred to test my dedication to this quit. I romanced the cigarettes for some hours. Posting to the site I was using back then seemed to do no good. No matter what they told me I wanted & intended to smoke. They were all fighting for me but asking for help was just a formality. Then I began remembering how I felt in the beginning. I was able to actually bring those feelings back. I know it was psychological but my breath came short & I could feel the burning in my throat, the rattling in my chest & the watering eyes. Then came the remembering of my reasons for quitting. Most of all I thought of the family that loves me. That brought me back to Earth & scared the crap outta me. I eventually went back & apologized to my friends.

Sometimes no matter what anyone says or how much they say it will do no good. Sometimes we just have to help ourselves.

Keep on keepin on,

M n @


What's Your Real Plan?

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Oct 18, 2013

So you have a plan of action in case you get in a bind & have serious smoking thoughts.You have all the tools & a lifeline of friends to help you out.

But will you use these tools when the need arises? Too many will not. I'm just sayin...make a real commitment


M n @

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