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From my friend Chris

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Sep 6, 2013
   "It isn't enough to pick a 'quit' isn't enough to run out and stock up on hard candies, or celery sticks, or apple isn't enough to tell everyone about the 'great quit date' isn't enough to go through the ritual of the smoking the last cigarette, of cleaning out the ash trays, of throwing away the isn't enough to walk away from those cigarettes.....
   You have to want that quit, heart and soul, you have to want that quit just as much as you want your next breath, you have to take care of that quit as if it were a sick child....with tender loving arms, you have to decide each day that your life is worth so much more than a tobacco filled tube. You have to FEEL that quit, starting from your toes, all the way up to the top of your head. You have to cherish each milestone, big and small...and build on them, like a sand castle. Each day adding granules of sand, to make that beautiful sculpture that you are so proud of.
   At the end of each day, you have to smile and KNOW in your HEART that you did what was best for you, for your quit, because if you don't feel it as strong as life itself, then it will eventually slip away out to sea.
   I realized today that I want this quit, there is NOTHING that I will give it up for. NOTHING!!!!!"
  Walk the walk,
  M n @

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