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My Goodbye Story

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Jul 26, 2013

I’d heard of Nicole before & though we’d never met I figured we would run into each other one day & so we did. She was such a romantic figure in my mind that I had probably unknowingly arranged it myself. The mind is a powerful tool. I was walking home from school, she was with a friend & he introduced us. I was shy & unsure at first but she made me feel like we were old friends & she smelled so sweet. We were only able to spend a couple of days of week together at first what with football & then baseball. Towards the end of the school year though we were an item. I had taken my friends love & made her my own. Funny that he didn’t care but I didn’t dwell on it then. I was a big man when I was with her. I was an adult, sophisticated, intelligent & all those other lies she told me. All that summer we learned about ourselves & she told me of all the good things she could do for me. I was anxious to get out on my own so I could start living the life Nicole had painted so vividly for me. It was fun in the beginning. Coming of age in the 70’s was a great time. It didn’t matter where we went everyone knew Nicole. There were movies, concerts, trips in the car, trips in a plane & just being together. Good times.

I can’t say when it happened only that it did. We had been together 35 plus years when it came to me that I had been living with lies. I went out on the back deck to confront her. I complained that the short walk to the deck had left me out of breath. I complained that I could never go anywhere unless she could be with me. I complained that it cost so much money just to have her around. We argued back & forth all evening. She was using me up & I told her she had to go. At first Nicole was apologetic & begging to stay but I held firm. When she saw I was determined to strike her from my life she turned mean. It was a Nicole I had never seen before. She was relentless in her resolve to remain in my life but I would have no more of her & stuck to my guns. She finally walked away defiantly. “No one ever quits loving Nicole!” she screamed. At first she would call every half hour & it was so tempting to bring her back to ease my longing but I held my ground. After a month it was rare that she would try to get in touch but it happened. Occasionally I would come across a reminder of her, lo & behold I would hear from her that very day but have always hung up on her when I realize who it is. After almost nine years I would like to think that she has forgotten me but it is not to be. She loves to bug me every couple of years & hopes that I will talk to her but my new life won’t allow any contact with her. She has lots of lovers anyway, she doesn’t really need me. I wish I could tell them all how manipulative she is & only wants a relationship for selfish reasons. I know I can’t do that but they all find out some day anyway…one way or the other.


A Successful Quit?

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Jul 12, 2013

Just curious. I've seen many here write about their "successful" quit of a week or two, or couple of months. Some speak as if it's a done deal & there's nothing else to concern them as far as quitting goes.

"I'll never smoke another cigarette as long as I live."
"I'm through with smoking for life."
"I know I'll never smoke again."

How do you really know when you have a successful quit? We have members here that were quit for years & threw it away in a moment of weakness. I guess what really concerns me is that I feel a lot of you don't take it as serious as you should. That evidenced by the number of "slips" in recent weeks.

This IS a matter of life or death...believe it or not. Make a real commitment.

Keep on keepin on,

M n @


From Giulia

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Jul 5, 2013

Giulia recently posted a comment in one of my blogs & I just felt that more should have the opportunity to read it.

"I too go in for that physical and in the back of my mind is the "did I wait too long to quit?" thought. Well, in fact, we all did wait too long to quit. The moment we became addicted, we waited too long to quit. And we will have to pay the toll for that. The toll right now might simply be having to go through what we have to go through in order to become free of the addiction. That's payment enough. For others who didn't stop before the physical ramifications of smoking affected their health, the toll is far greater. You can’t quit soon enough. Life without good health is life diminished. It’s only when we don’t have health that we understand the depth of it’s preciousness and our own stupidity in abusing our “temples” as you put, Mike. Quitting sooner rather than later will lessen the toll we ultimately have to pay. I repeat - you can’t quit soon enough."

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