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There comes a day when we just give up. We’re tired of making excuses & we’re fed up with stealing time from loved ones to feed our addiction. We finally admit that our smoking is not only a problem for us, but others as well. We’re tired of being sick & missing out on events that we should be enjoying. We’re done with making plans around our smoking. We’re nauseated by the smell of our own personal environment. We’ve grown tired of worshipping cigarettes at the alter of smoking. There comes a day when we have to find our own way, to meet our fears head on.

But what holds us back? We’ve watched loved ones & close friends die a terrible death because of smoking & yet we carry on.

Maybe...we're afraid we won't know what to do with ourselves, we’re afraid of the urges that are sure to come. How are we going to cope without this companion that’s been by our side through thick & thin, good & bad? We’ve been in situations where we couldn’t smoke & remember the panic we felt until we could light up again. We can come up with many reasons to fear quitting but let’s face it, urges and the anxiety that tags along are really at the top of the list. The best advice that was given me about fighting urges was this…relax. Just let yourself go and let em come, welcome them & let em wash right over you. Then as quickly as they came they're gone again. Now, if that means repeating every two to five minutes then so be it. The feeling that came over me when I did this was a feeling of power, a feeling of control over something that had ruled my life for so long. Finally I was driving this bus and the best part was the more I did this the weaker the urges got. Soon It was second nature for me to thumb my nose at a craving & say “BRING IT ON”.

Now this doesn’t work just because I say it will. It works only because you work it. I know you can do this because you’re really stronger than you think. It’s all about choices, make the right will not be sorry.

Keep on keepin on,

M n @

Everyone comes here with the best intentions. I’m really gonna quit this time. I’ve got the patch/gum/inhaler/lozenges/Chantix that’s really gonna work for me. First of all these are only aids & can’t do the hard “quit work” for ya. You’ve gotta do the hard stuff. If you are truly sincere about this you also must make a heartfelt commitment. That means putting ALL aside to protect your quit. NO MATTER WHAT. There is no best time to quit. There will always be stress, relationships, family illness, job loss, I’m just not strong enough & whatever else you wanna throw in.
So here’s my opinion & mind you it is mine only. Those who relapse have maintained a hidden desire that they can smoke again one day & maybe even control it. You were all just looking for an excuse to validate your decision to get back to smoking.
I don’t care how young you are or feel that you have plenty of time or that you may quit anytime you like. It doesn’t work that way. Cancer is an equal opportunity disease & can strike anyone at any time. I began my quit at the age of 51. It’s been 9 years & 8 months since that day. I can only hope & pray that I’ve quit in time. The last one I smoked may have been the one that kills me so many years later.
When you relapse I’m not gonna be the one that says it’s okay/take your time & come back/you’ve got plenty of time. I’ve said many times before that this is a matter of life & death & if you wanna play at it you just don’t understand how deadly smoking is.
Every time I go for a physical I’m scared to death that this will be the time they find something. I’ve been lucky so far & for the life of me I can’t understand why God has blessed me after what I did to his temple for so long.
Anyway...get serious about your quit. You’re an addict & you can’t smoke anymore. ANYMORE! The sooner you realize this the sooner you will gain a peace in your life.

Keep on keepin on,
M n @

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