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  I really admire some of you here that are willing to say what needs to be said. Too many of us will dance around an issue for fear of stepping on toes. We're here to quit & to be serious about it. This is life or death people...don't you get it!
  That is the reason I left my original site. They got to where it was all touchy feely & if you tried to tell anyone what they needed to hear your reply was apt to be edited by the powers that be. Yes...they would & did edit posts. They were afraid of hurting someone's feelings. It may drive them off & what would that say about us as an organization?
  I posted to a serial quitter of 5 years that she needed to get serious about her quit & noted that it was always some kind of excuse with her. This time was no different & I expressed my compassion before making my commments about her quit(s). The only part of my post that remained was my condolences at her latest drama. I was e-mailed by admin why this happened & if I liked I could certainly delete the rest of my post. I replied that I would rather leave it because it was no less sincere than the second part of my post
  I know sometimes I get short with those who relapse, wanna cry about it & have a pity party. Maybe I just don't remember how tough it was. Driving by your store & fighting every urge in your body to keep from pulling in to buy that pack. It would be so easy to light up & numb myself instead of dealing with this latest problem in my life. I mean...I've been quit for a couple of weeks or a month now so surely I deserve just one right. I can handle it right. I'm no longer an addict.
  Why did I not cave? What makes my quit different from so many others? Why is it so hard to make a sincere comittment? I didn't even do all the homework & don't tell anyone but I still haven't read Allen Carr's book. I just got tired of being controlled by something other than me. I know if I fail there may be no coming back.
   As addicts we're told that it's not our fault. It a genetic thing or the tobacco companies have drilled a belief that cigarettes are harmless. Do any of us truly believe this drivel. I feel it is certainly our own fault because we had the choice. An urge is not a command & will go away even if we don't smoke. 
  Quitting is not easy but ya gotta jump in with both feet, own your quit & know that we're in this predicament because we put ourselves here.
  NOPE! Live it.
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