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Fear plays a huge part in our decision to quit. We're so afraid of the unknown that it's easier to continue poisoning ourselves much longer than we want. You're probably going to roll your eyes when I tell you there's nothing to fear. I know I did when I was told that. But it was a couple of months into my quit & I laughed at myself for being scared to quit. We're afraid we won't know what to do with ourselves, we’re afraid of the urges that are sure to come. How are we going to cope without this companion that’s been by our side through thick & thin, good & bad? We’ve been in situations where we couldn’t smoke & remember the anxiety we felt until we could light up again. We can come up with many reasons to fear quitting but let’s face it…urges are really at the top of the list. The best advice I got about the urges is this…let em come, welcome them & let em wash right over you. Then as quickly as they came they're gone again. I can’t describe the feeling that came over me when I did that. It was a feeling of power, of control over something that had ruled my life for so long. I was driving this bus and the best part was the more I did this the weaker the urges got. Soon It was second nature for me to thumb my nose at a craving & say “BRING IT ON”.

Now this doesn’t work just because I say it will. It works only because you will it. I know you can do this. You're stronger than you think. It’s all about choices, make the right one.

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I'll make this short

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Jan 16, 2012

I see people every day talking of changing this & changing that about their lives in order to get out of the old habits that identify a reason to smoke for them. While those things are really a must please don’t forget to work on changing your mind. It’s not enough to just hate smoking, knowing you’re tired of it & staying quit. It’s not enough to be fed up. I read it in their words every day someone that secretly believes that they’ll be able to smoke again & control it after being quit for a short time. I read it in their words every day someone setting themselves up for a relapse. Every day someone is making excuses for why they should postpone their quit date or give up a quit & start killing themselves again. You must change your attitude about quitting. I’ve said it before, don’t feel that you can never smoke again…believe that you don’t HAVE to smoke again.

Get a little peace. Changing your mind will change your life.

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