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Nuthin Special

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Nov 15, 2011
   Before I made a real committment to my quit I thought I was some special case or just too far gone to quit. Quitting was more difficult for me just because it was. No one understood the trials I was going through in my attempts. It was harder because it was me. Sound familiar. I'm here to tell ya that none of us are a special case. I'm nuthin special & neither are you. Our quits are not unique. Someone has been there. No matter where you are in your quit there is someone here that is going through the same thing or has gone through the same thing. I finally realized I was just feeling sorry for myself & if you're just beginning your quit you feel that way too. No harboring the secret hope that one day you'll be able to smoke one or two after you get some quit time under your belt. That was hard for me.They wanted me to NEVER smoke again. I would never get to smoke again. The nerve. We may come here kickin & screamin but after a little time & if we have listened to others it may have sunk in that it's all really very easy. Just make the committment. Know that you don't HAVE to smoke again. You will gain peace in acknowledging & believing this fact.
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