Does This Make Any Sense?

Blog Post created by Mike.n.Atlanta on Oct 4, 2011

Just wanted to thank everyone here for being a part of my life. In my 7 years quit I’ve met many through this site & another. The common thing with both was that not everyone will make it. Sure they could but you must have a total comittment to the cause or you’re just waggin your chin. Some are not willing to make that kind of life change. I think my aha moment came not when I felt that I was not gonna smoke anymore but when I felt I didn’t have to smoke anymore. At that moment I was very comfortable in my quit & have never looked back. Yes there are times when emotions run high or an old trigger pops up that I am suddenly reminded that I was that slave long ago but I have trained myself by saying no for so long that it comes second nature. I’m not perfect & I know people that have lost 20 year quits so I hope to never become so arrogant as to think that I can’t talk myself into smoking again. Thats why I need everyone here. Newbies help keep my quit green & fill me with the enthusiasm that I need for my quit. Everyone else helping others & paying forward what was given to them let’s me know that they get it. We help ourselves by helping others. So...no...everyone’s not going to stick around but we should fight for em anyway. You never know if something you say will be what that person needs to stay quit for life.

You guys sure burned a lot of unsmoked cigs the other day. Thanks for throwing my two or three on the fire Tommy. Thanks also to Cyn for the kinds words on the Freedom Train. I firmly believe in that quote Cyn...If ya wanna change your life change your mind.

The wedding went great & on Saturday I was able to accomplish one of my quitting goals. Walking down the aisle with my daughter was a big thing on my list. I know if I had continued to smoke I would only have been a sad memory in her heart. I’ve also had the blessing of playing with my first granchild by my son. My others are to walk my remaining daughters down the aisle & as they are very young I have many more years of living to look forward to. I wish you all to be as blessed as I have been. I’m not a rich man & am not all that smart but I know a blessed life when I see one & mine is much more so than a lot of people I know. We just have to know where to look for those blessings. Too many of us are looking for the big thing, that one thing that may define success, health or riches. As far as I’m concerned every day with my family & friends, every day I can draw a breath & take in the wonders of this world is a blessing. You guys are a blessing to me too.

Mike n @lanta

Seven years, three days, 17 hours, 46 minutes and 5 seconds. 76792 cigarettes not smoked, saving $15,358.44. Life saved: 38 weeks, 15 hours, 20 minutes.