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Thanks To All!!!

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Aug 8, 2011

Just wanted to apologize for my absence this weekend. My wife works weekends & I have two little girls that require all sorts of attention. I also want to thank everyone for their well wishes on my 2500 day milestone. It is a great one for me & I sincerely hope that every one of you accomplish this & go well beyond it in your cessation journey. My first days were filled with doubt, fear & anger at myself. But if we just listen to those who came before us we'll gain a lot of knowledge in this process. And it is a process as it's an ongoing refinement of our life choices. So to all you newbies, just take a deep breath, relax & settle in. It's a long hard battle but you don't have to face it alone. We're all here for each other.

Thanks again my friends.

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