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"Still Kickin"

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Nov 7, 2019

Just wanted to drop in for a few & wish the best to all here in maintaining your quits. Do all that is needed to make this your forever quit. All this takes is a little willingness to change & grow.


I am doing well after my surgeries & look forward to getting aquainted & re-aquainted with everyone.


Hugs to all,


Keep On Keepin On

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Oct 1, 2019

So today marks 15 years since I quit the vile weed. Not One Puff Ever. I want you to know it wasn’t easy. I wanted to pull in for a pack & smoke just one, I wanted to bum just one from a co-worker, I wanted to light up the one I found in my toolbox, but I didn’t. I kept on. Doing what I do day after day until one day I got it. I realized I didn’t have to smoke. It was my choice. It’s your choice too. Keep on keepin on & become the person you didn’t know you wanted to be.


Upcoming Surgery

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Apr 29, 2019

Will be having a full knee replacement surgery on Wednesday, May 1st & wanted to get some feedback.



How did you handle it?

Is there anything you would have done different or not done at all?

Is there something you wish you would have done?

Any advice or recommendations will be appreciated.


Country Gentleman


Just Sayin

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Apr 14, 2019

Yeah it was Nicole & she was being a *****. Trying to act like nothing happened the last time we were together & wanted to just pick up where we left off. Well I let her know right off we’d never be an item again…EVER. She talked about all the “good” times we had together & how “happy” we were. The friends we had, the places we’d been. Parties, concerts, dancing, the races. She was so animated about it all & remembered fondly every one of those times. I was smiling while thinking of those times & then something snapped in my head. She was playing me again! I laid down the law & told her to get out & never bother me again. I knew she would never really go away for good but I had to let her know we were really through. She was just as mad as the last time I asked her to leave but now she left with a message that cut to my soul.

“Well that’s okay, I’m going over to visit your daughter. You know we’ve been friends for quite a while now right?”

No…I did not.


Dale’s Journey

Dale was dog tired. He’d been on the trail for a week now helping these folks out. He longed for his own bed, a drink & a decent meal at the Extown diner. But here he was, doing what he could to keep these folks on track. Extown was their destination too though none of them had ever been there. He had crossed paths with these folks at the beginning of “The Cessation Trail”. They were new to this world & needed the direction he was so familiar with. So agreed to help them being the kind soul that he was.

There were signs of Nick Deemon's gang everywhere. The stench of cigarette smoke, the smoldering butts & occasionally some members of the gang could be spotted watching them from the hills. In the evenings you could see the tiny glowing embers from their smokes up the mountain. They thought they were hidden but I reckon you lose a little edge when you’ve got something dulling your senses 24 hours a day. Did the gang think the wagon train couldn’t hear all that hacking & coughing? “Let em take their time.” Dale thought “The longer Nick waits the stronger we’ll be when it all comes down.”

He had all the members of the wagon train watching for signs of when that might happen. They had plenty of ammunition. All the Winchesters & Colts had been loaded up with lozenges & Chantrix & everyone on the wagon train was gettin a good dose of NOPE every day

       The morning had been easier than most but now they were coming up on “No Man’s Land” & there was a lot of danger there. “No Man’s Land”...where the journey has become routine. It was the perfect place for an ambush. Just far enough from the beginning for one to become complacent thinking all is well & just enough obstacles for temptation to hide. If Nick was gonna do anything this was the place. Dale knew if the wagon train made it through, chances were good they’d make it to Extown with very few casualties. If ya wanna get to Extown & join the Elders...ya gotta go through “No Man’s Land”. He had turned to tell the others to keep a sharp eye when he saw the trail rider get knocked off his mount.

   “Everybody down & start throwing it back at em!” yelled Dale. It seemed they were everywhere in the rocks but his men were holding their own. The women were doing as much damage as the men, the surprise began to wane as more of Nick’s men were being hit. Dale was able to get behind some rocks at the bottom of the pass & start a climb. “There’s one of em tryin to get around behind us.” said QuitSlip Pete. “Go take care of im Winston. Winston was waitin on Dale when he was almost to the top but gave himself away with some falling stones cause he was just a little too eager & couldn’t stay still. From behind a boulder Dale threw a rock to divert Winston’s attention & nailed im twice before he knew he made a mistake. At the top Dale could see them all from behind. There were 20 of em. Dale started pickin em off at the closest one to him. They never knew a thing until 11 of the gang were down. When they turned to fire at Dale the wagoneers were able to hit em from behind. They’d had enough & picked up their wounded & got outta there fast. They had been hit with lozenges & Chantrix & were starting to look healthy. They wanted none of that. Dale started down the hillside.

   “Help me.” Dale heard a raspy voice. Looking around he spotted one of Nick’s crew left behind. Some help arrived, they carried him down & put him in a wagon away from the others. They gave him a few more lozenges & let him rest. He was losing that pale ashen skin fast & color had started to invade his face. He didn’t care, all he wanted was a cigarette, the familiar kick at the back of his throat & the burning smoke searing his lungs.

   “Well he’s gone. Ran off some time last night. I wish he would have let us help him” one of the ladies told Dale. “I hate when they won’t even listen that you might be able to do em some good.’

“We can’t force em to stay. If they want out, you can’t stop em.” Added Dale “Course I never seen one get away that fast before.

   “We're almost through "No Man's Land" so how much further to Extown?” someone asked.

“Still a ways to go before we’ll be safe. Everybody just keep on your toes & don’t get cocky.” Dale replied. “We’ll be there soon enough. Let's just take it one day at a time.”


Maybe She Will

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Aug 27, 2018

I saw her crossing the parking lot at my grocer yesterday, puffing away & throwing it down as she walked to the door. I grabbed one of my EX cards before going in hoping I would run into her. Something told me I had to talk to her. So I searched. Finally found her & introduced myself telling her I had seen her across the lot & that if she ever thought about quitting to visit us at EX.

She thanked me & said she had been quit for 15 months. She did it all by herself, just willpower. Then she got the news that she had cancer so what the hell. All I knew to do was give her a hug & tell her there was still a quality of life to be had without smoking even though she did have cancer. She was a little guarded about talking about it. I hope to run into her again. I just thought it so sad to just give up & lose all hope. I can’t imagine. I hope she visits us.

Keep on keepin on,



Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Aug 1, 2018

FEAR has two meanings...

Forget Everything And Run


Face Everything And Rise

Which will you choose?



Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Jul 21, 2018

If you're making excuses instead of efforts, you're playing at quitting. Just sayin.

Keep on keeping on,


Holy Crap I Missed It!

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Jun 11, 2018

We were busy with a yard sale this weekend & this little nugget flew right by me.

I pray you all get here & beyond.


Also: 150,043 cigarettes not smoked

Keep on keepin on,


Just Sayin

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Jun 4, 2018

If you really want to be smoke free you will find a way.

If'll find an excuse.

Keep on keepin on,


Once Again

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Mar 13, 2018

I know I haven't made myself visible lately but I do read every day & make the occasional comment.

I can hardly stand to write this. A while back I asked for prayers for my sister Linda because of a spot on her lung. It was all cleared up we were told & no further treatment would be needed other than close monitoring. Linda will undergo a biopsy treatment in the morning at 9:30 to look at another spot. We just don't know anything right now we just need some prayers.

Thank you all & keep on keepin on,

M n @


Thank You

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Oct 1, 2017

I hadn't planned on doing this but I've seen some congratulations & a few personal messages that have motivated me. Thank you all.


I just pray that you all arrive at this place in your quit. It wasn't easy but the more you practice NOPE the easier it is. Every one of you are capable of this freedom. It comes with a price though. If you're not willing to put in some hard work,  if you're not willing to help others even though you don't think you know what you're talking about, if you're not willing to grow as an individual, if you're not willing to become an emotionally stronger & confident person, if you're not willing to cast off the old you then you may need to do some more reading & planning. But there's a bonus...even with all the reading & planning, there are people here that are willing to help you prepare to be the person you didn't know you wanted to be.


Keep on keepin on y'all

M n @

13 years, 15 hours, 39 minutes and 6 seconds...7 secs...8 secs...9 secs...


Today is her birthday

Posted by Mike.n.Atlanta Aug 25, 2017

 My sister June would have turned 55 today. She died in 2010 from cancer & smoked to the end. I wasn't there when she quit but I know it was a sweet release. We still miss her...especially her sons.

I want you all to know that she didn't look like this in the end. In the end you couldn't tell  her from any other that suffered this affliction. If they were lain in a row you wouldn't be able to pick her out. Cancer takes everything.

Make your just may save your life.

You understand the peace and serenity that only the rustling branches of a Weeping Willow can bring.


You know the feeling of peeling your sticky skin bit by bit from the boiling leather seats of a car in July.


You know, with absolute certainty, that anything can be fried, eaten, and enjoyed.


Honey, sugar, dumpling, pumpkin, and sweetie pie are usually not referring to food.


You understand the feeling of complete and utter satisfaction when successfully getting a big drop off the end of a honeysuckle.


You know that good food is even better when combined with other good food to make a casserole.


Talking to complete strangers in public is not weird — in fact, it's just good manners.


Speaking of manners, you were grounded multiple times as a kid for forgetting your "yes ma'am’s and "yes sirs.


Just because you asked for a Coke doesn't mean that you want an actual Coca-Cola. We meant Sprite, damn it! Fine, we'd like a soda


You've felt like you were actually suffocating from humidity. Is death by mugginess a real thing?


"You guys" and "you all" are just incorrect ways of saying "y'all."


You feel completely OK talking sh*t about someone, as long as you follow it with a heartfelt "bless their heart."


The squeak of a porch swing and the slam of a screen door will always make you feel at home.


It is nearly impossible to tell the difference between a snow day and the Apocalypse. Gotta get bread and milk before that one inch of snow falls!


You've tried (and maybe even successfully) fried an egg on asphalt.


Sweet tea is the only kind of tea. Get out of here with your unsweetened crap.


You're able to orient yourself based on which church is on what corner.


Telling off other people's kids when they're pitching a fit is acceptable.


Summer nights as kid were spent catching lightning bugs (fireflies to the non-Southerner) in mason jars.


Nowhere else in the country does biscuits better & don't even get us started on chicken biscuits. Sometimes you dream about them.


You know that all BBQ is not created equal. Do NOT, under any circumstances, get Texas and Carolina BBQ confused.


"Red on black, venom lack; red on yellow, kill a fellow" has saved the life of someone you know. Or it was just fun to say as a kid.


It's not a purse, it's a pocketbook.


You never, ever forget to write a thank-you note after attending a social gathering or receiving a gift.


What the hell is a remote control? Pass me the clicker or the changer, or don't pass me anything at all.


Taylor Swift ain't real country music (but we love her anyway).


The struggle of craving Chick-fil-A on a Sunday is so real.


You don't leave the local pool when a Summer thunderstorm rolls in, you just wait it out it out about half an hour until the sun (and humidity) is back in full force.


You take your whiskey and bourbon very seriously.


It's not a shopping cart, it's a buggy.


You can't see a bottle of pink wine without singing Deana Carter's "Strawberry Wine" in your head and smiling to yourself about Summer love and simpler times.


College sports rivalries are a religion to you. You're a Bulldawg or a Yella Jacket...It's 'Bama or Auburn. There is no in between.


You've caught a crawdaddy with your bare hands.


You've ridden pine trees.


The music from a banjo, acoustic guitar, and a fiddle playing all together is a sweet and perfect fusion of your favorite sounds.


Backyard bonfires are your idea of a perfect nighttime get together.


You don't realize how strong Southern accents are until you move somewhere else.


Fried chicken and waffles were sent from heaven straight to the South. (Yeah we know it started in Harlem but they were invented by a Southerner)


You know that no matter where you are in the world, if you run into a fellow Southerner, you've got a true friend.


Keep on keepin on y'all,

M n @

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