Quitting when you live with a smoker

Blog Post created by Michwoman on May 29, 2013

I think it's time to address this issue. Here's my take. I quit on 2-4-13. I didn't let whether my guy Al quit or not affect that decision. He had been buying them for me so I didn't even have to spend my own money on them. I asked him one more time to please please do not buy anymore. I decided I would not open the packs even if he did. I was determined and I hung in there. Kudos to him for putting up with me!

He kept smoking. I never once said a word to him because I know that smokers don't want to be told to stop. I honestly believe that he didn't think I would actually stick to it and he wasn't gonna quit just to have me start up again.  

Once the realization hit him that I was truly DONE with the crap - that's whan he went for it. Never said a word just quit. It was April 1st and he hasn't smoked a puff since. I am so proud of him. I also think his male pride had an issue with me accomplishing something that he couldn't. (Sorry honey if you read this!!)

My point is.. do not let a smoking partner stop you. Your quitting could very likely lead to their quitting. If they try to tempt you it's probably because they feel uncomfortable around you now.Don't do it. Let them come to YOUR level instead. I honestly think they will eventually. 

Didn't we all feel a bit ashamed to be around those who quit when we still smoked? Be honest with yourself.

Be the leader. We are both so proud of ourselves and talk about it often. Nice to have a smoke-free home.