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Come one and all!

Posted by Michwoman Jan 18, 2019

I haven't been on the site for awhile but I want to welcome everyone to the EX7 reunion!! It's super casual and super fun! All Exers are invited and welcome! There's no better way to cement your fantastic quit! Virginia Beach is beautiful and has a trolley that runs up and down the beach all day! And ladies.... the cadets from the military base are out jogging on the boardwalk in the morning with their shirts off!! Woohoo! 


Please consider coming!!!



Posted by Michwoman Jun 24, 2018

Heyyyyy everyone! I got the last of the pictures sent to me last week so I have finally gotten them uploaded to Photobucket!  Here is the link : EX 6 Pictures



Let me know if you have any issues - it's best to reach me at my email address:

All the previous EX reunions pics are available too if you want to take a trip down memory lane.



EX 6.1 pictures

Posted by Michwoman Jun 10, 2018

No - I don't have them put together yet - mostly because I have not been sent all of them! If you have some to send me, please do - or contact me if you need help. If you have already sent all that you have, please note that here. If you have none to send, I'd like to know that too so I don't keep looking for them! Here is one of Sharon & I donning our bunny and kitty ears! We had a blast!


EX 6 Was a success!!

Posted by Michwoman May 29, 2018

First of all THANK YOU Mandolinrain for the AWESOME HOMEMADE EX6 KEYCHAINS AND SOAPS! Everyone absolutely loved them! I gave them to everyone at the Steakhouse dinner on Friday night. Madyzsgocka also brought along these great keychain fobs made of coat hangar that spell our names with a heart at the end! smorgy8513 topped it off with a notebook for all of us to note our thoughts and memories of the trip!

It was a fantastic cruise and there will be MANY pictures to come!

EX 6.1 Weekend Group from First Night


5 YEARS!!!!

Posted by Michwoman Feb 4, 2018

Hey everyone!  I know I don't hang out here any more but I still attribute the strength and length of my quit to this wonderful website! I'm here to say to all those who are about to embark on their quit journey, those who have already started, and those who are finding it difficult, that YOU CAN DO IT!!! I smoked for 35 long years and I managed to put the nasty things behind me and find a new way and YOU CAN TOO!

Here is my mantra and if you follow this I guarantee you will be successful:





EX 6 Thoughts! UPDATE!!

Posted by Michwoman Oct 9, 2017




I've been VERY bad! I have not been here in a very long time and I am so sorry!  Hello Everyone!!!

Congratulations to everyone here -new and old! 


I just read the blog with all the great suggestions for EX6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cruise idea! I've never been on one and would LOVE it! It would certainly guarantee togetherness for all of us with no worries about who's driving where. I did some research into Pensacola, Florida and it seems like a great choice for cost and beach options. I was thinking the weekend of April 26 - April 30th. It will be warm but not sweltering hot and they have bands on the beach! However, I see that it would not be easily attended by those on the West Coast. Chicago/Milwaukee sure sounds attractive for me, but again, the West coasters might not agree.


I'm one of those who are paranoid about the "Big One" hitting California. I have a niece who lives in Oregon so I've checked into flights across the country  and, for me, it would be very pricey.  That being said, I'm not sure I can come no matter where it is held due to the fact that I am presently unemployed and not having great luck finding a job.


We could also have two reunions: 1 for the West, and 1 for the East. The West would have to be planned by those who wanted to attend it. Think about it - anyone can go to either or both if they want!


I will do what I can to help with the planning - Kathy did 95% of the work last time and I don't want that to happen again.

 Here's what I suggest for now:


Please enter a FEW WORD suggestion in this blog. I will keep a list for consideration.  Today is October 9th, so I think if we take suggestions it should be within a time limit so as to keep the list manageable. So please make your suggestion HERE by November 1st. We can go from there!


I'll start by listing Sky Girl's vote:


1. San Diego - Oceanside California

2. Mine - Pensacola Florida


I promise to check back often!  Miss you all!



I just finished the photo album on photobucket!!!  Here is the link: 


I hope this will inspire all of you to consider coming to the next EX Reunion!  The more the merrier!




I have gone through the blogs since the trip and I think I have downloaded all the pictures that were posted and together with the ones that have been send to me via email I have a few hundred to sift through!

Over the next week, I am going to work diligently to get the album together and posted on Photobucket.  (I am going away for the weekend but I promise to get back at it on Monday)  


I can tell you I am thoroughly enjoying looking at all the photos!  Thanks for being patient with me!


Hello Everyone!

Posted by Michwoman Jan 25, 2017

Hi Everybody! I think I figured out how to post a blog. This is a test LOL


Michwoman Archived Profile

Posted by Michwoman Jan 23, 2017



I finally got tired of being chained to a box of expensive, stinky, unpopular, unhealthy, cancer causing sticks that were doing absolutely NOTHING for me. I told my self and anyone who would listen that I "liked" smoking which is why I didn't quit. It was a lie. Nobody I know who smokes doesn't want to quit on some level. I'm breathing free-er now, I don't smell like smoke, I get to say "no" when asked if I smoke. It's all good! I thank God for leading me here to this wonderful place and this website.


Orlando Pictures:  


Brief Description

Middle aged woman - smoked on and off since age 17 (mostly on)


No website in profile.


flushing, michigan


playing on my computer, crafting, our 6 kitties


i'd rather be an ex-smoker who thinks about smoking once in a while than a smoker who thinks about quitting all of the time.


Re-Introducing myself!

Posted by Michwoman Aug 24, 2016

I know it's been awhile since I have blogged and posted here so I thought I would re-introduce myself to those who may not know me!

I found this wonderful place 3 weeks after I smoked my last cigarette and have never forgotten the people, the family feeling, the unconditional caring and support that has certainly cemented my quit forever!

I'm Laura, and I am a recovering nicoholoc! I am going to be more present here - hopefully offering encouragement and inspiration and even a shoulder to lean on for anyone who may need it.

It doesn't matter how long it's been since you quit - even one day is a HUGE accomplishment! If you are getting prepared to quit - bravo! You're making the right decision for your life.  I know - I've been there! I invite you to read my early blogs and see how my journey has been here.

This place is where you make life-long friends. 

My motto is "No matter WHAT keep moving forward!" Never look or move backward. Each moment,hour, day, week, month that goes by without the evil nicodemon is a conquest!

You CAN do it!


P.S. Hi to all my wonderful friends and family here - I think of you all often and miss you! 


Unemployed No longer!

Posted by Michwoman Mar 2, 2016

Woohoo! I got a job today! While it's a decrease in pay from my last job, it's a "foot in the door" to better things. I start on Monday!  Thank you EX family for all the well-wishes and support!  I love you all!


This is a great article I think is great for any newbie. It's for those times when a cigarette sounds like a good idea:


I made it!

Posted by Michwoman Feb 4, 2016

1095 days, 3 years, 36 months,26,280 hours, 1,576,800 Minutes!! All ways of expressing the fact that I've made it the longest ever in my life without smoking since the day I picked up  the stinking nasty things! I'm absolutely certain that this website and all of you wonderful people played an integral role in my success! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

I've endured many many hardships in this 3 years, losing my job being the latest. If you've never read the book "Who Moved My Cheese" I highly recommend it. It will teach you that life is full of change and to always be prepared for it.

Smoking will not influence those changes except for in the negative sense. I get to proudly proclaim and I do not smoke when I have a job interview. This is a huge plus in my mind.

For Newbies here - take heart. The beginning difficult times of being a quitter are but a tiny memory compared to the wonderul happiness that quitting brings.  You CAN do this!


Breathing a sigh of relief

Posted by Michwoman Jan 21, 2016

You guys are wonderful! I can't tell you how much it means to me that you all posted such wonderful words of comfort and encouragement on my blog.

It's officialy over. I was let go today. I'm ever so grateful that the Agent I worked for was not in control of how this exit went down. The President of the Corp was much nicer and way more humane. Realizing the hell I've been through he paid me 6 weeks severance and is extending my medical benefits until March 4th. The Agent wanted to toss me out uncerimoniously.

I am so thankful for all the comforting words you guys gave me. I did start looking for work two weeks ago so I didn't just fall into a big lake of self-pity doing nothing. I'm just glad it's over.  Onward and upward! I've survived so much more than this and this will not take me down either!

Love you all so much!