Smokemares already?

Blog Post created by MePlus3 on Apr 7, 2017

I told myself "Wow I didn't make it pass day one this time?" I don't remember how I got it or any of that the thought hit me when it was down to the end. I was hurt! I jumped right back on my quit though only for them to be everywhere all around the house and all around the car everywhere I looked in my dream I saw one but I don't remember going back. 

I switched positions in my sleep and it dawned on me I made it through with another day WON! I'm so happy that it was only a dream! Looking back, I appreciate the message just because they were there didn't mean I had to have them although it did feel weird to see one every step of the dream. Now here's to day 2 and I feel very confident! It's day 4-5 that I worry about but not so much because I've been preparing for it.