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6 months

Posted by MePlus3 Apr 2, 2018

Hi all! Just checking in to say all is well Friday will make 6 months quit! After numerous and I do mean numerous attempts I'm finally comfortable in my quit. I've experienced everything that caused me to relapse in the past from stress, sadness, depression, and anger and I've conquered them without even a thought of a smoke and I must say I'm very proud of who I've become since I quit. Though I don't check in as often as I used to, I will never ever forget my ex family!



Checking in

Posted by MePlus3 Feb 8, 2018

I can't believe I missed my 100 days celebration! Im still smokefree but haven't been counting. Thanks to each and every one of you I couldn't have made it without you guys! Ive come a long way with this quit thing but I thank you guys for continuing to believe in me and knowing that it will one day stick...this is that time! 



Krazy Kat Lady Kim

Posted by MePlus3 Dec 5, 2017

Hey guys! It's almost 2 months smober boy does time fly when you're having fun (or not) lol I need some help my friend gave me a cat today his name is Harvey and he's a year and a half old. While I was told he's low maintenance and litter trained and such, he's shy and I forgot that they could fit in the most awkward places! How do I warm him up and make him come around? I tried scratching his head as I was told to do but he jumped then I jumped and it was a mess from there. He's behind the printer now after I got him out of my shelf in the kitchen. Will he come around on his own? Should I keep bugging him? Im just lost!

World AIDS day

Posted by MePlus3 Dec 1, 2017

Good morning! Today is world aids day and that mean I have to work on the one day I have free from school. Me and a coworker will be setting up outside a store and giving out condoms, totes, pens, flashlights, educational brochures and other things to honor this day. Hopefully it warm up some I definately don't want to be in the cold all day.  I'm holding dear to my quit. I threw my morning fit because I didn't want to wake up when usually I'd be anxious to get out of bed and get my day started with a smoke. Since they're no longer part of my life I punch the pillow a few times lol I'm about to make my coffee that always get me going! Well I'll talk to you guys later! 


50 (something) DOF


Posted by MePlus3 Nov 30, 2017

From day 1-50 I felt free, clean, I didn't want a smoke at all I was so happy not to stink anymore I was truly happy! For the last couple of days the thought of smoking had crossed me too many times for comfort. I haven't done it. I won't do it. I just wish this longing this urge would go away. Im constantly reminded by my thoughts that I was once a smoker. Im ready to be the free and happy me again. Im on day 56 or something like that I haven't taken a look at my quit plan. I know this is no man's land but it sucks. Im feeling down, depressed and in the dumps. Someone please help me out of this hole!

50 days!

Posted by MePlus3 Nov 24, 2017

Today im celebrating 50 days! Rejoicing in not stinking. To all of my fb friends, I've deactivated my account again. It took away from time I could be doing things productive outside of stuffing my face in my phone every chance I got fb became my new addiction so I had to let it go. Well thats all I have!

Happy holidays to everyone of you


46 days

Posted by MePlus3 Nov 20, 2017

Still going! It feel like longer but I haven't been counting. I had to check my quit plan lol I'm appreciative of each day free and not looking back! It's time to soar! 


Still hanging on..

Posted by MePlus3 Nov 13, 2017

Wishing each of you a lovely good night! It's been 38 days since I quit. Time is flying and craves are ceasing which is great. I have a toothache so I'm turning it in early don't worry the dentist hooked me up and I'm going to get it pulled Wednesday. I'm so scared I've never had a toothache let alone one pulled so keep me in your thoughts and prayers. 


Good morning! Thanks to each and every one of you for pushing me through on my last blog. For that, I officially have a month under my belt and for now I don't feel empty anymore! I feel clean! I bought some clothes from a lady that smoke and the stinch on those clothes showed me how bad I smelled the smell I was blinded by for so long hit me dead in the nostrils lol 2 good spins in the wash and it's finally bearable. Well I gotta go to school so I'll ttyl! 

Love, Kimberly

Missing something

Posted by MePlus3 Nov 4, 2017

Almost at a month (2 more days) and I'm feeling the emptiness I should've experienced during hell week. It's a battle but I'm winning because SINAO! Just thought I'd drop in and express my experience. I've been battling "one is ok" all day but I know better after too many fails I now KNOW it's not ok. I'll be glad when my mind let me alone lol. Happy Saturday!

Good morning!

Posted by MePlus3 Nov 2, 2017

Good morning! I'm doing a quick blog before I go to school. I can't believe I'm headed to one month! Craves have been under control and I'm not looking back. No feelings of "missing" them just joy that everyday is another day won! 

Ttyl- Kimberly

Almost a month already!

Posted by MePlus3 Oct 30, 2017

 Hey lovelies! Time is flying! I don't have much to say. Just checking in to say hello!

2 weeks

Posted by MePlus3 Oct 20, 2017

Hey lovelies! Today make 2 weeks! I got a funny story! I got a crave last night not teeth pulling but I also like to stay ahead of them. Well I reached for my vape and the mouthpiece was gone it's sooo little I panicked but also had my mind made up that SINAO so I got moving! I hadnt cleaned behind my furniture in AGES so I began pulling things out sweeping, mopping, fascinated by the dirt that went unoticed for so long. My house is pretty old so there's tile on top of tile with a laminate rug on top there was one tile that was broken so I pulled it up before I knew it I'm snatching it all up lol now I'm over here with bare floor they're not even hardwood just plain wood I can't mop it or anything. Like how in the heck did I manage to do that lol I bit off more than I could chew but the good news is I got over that crave oh and I found the mouthpeice! TGIF! 

PS: I called my uncles this morning to come fix this mess I've made lol

Quick update

Posted by MePlus3 Oct 19, 2017

I'm still going strong! Tomorrow will make 2 weeks! My heck week was actually my hell week but I don't want to smoke anymore so anything goes as far as the many emotions I'm experiencing. I don't have a thought or taste for one at all! A few days ago, one of my classmates boyfriend offered me one jokingly (hopefully) he was snapped on by his girlfriend and my other classmates I was with for lunch. I wasn't tempted at all though I politely told him no thanks I quit and told them they didn't have to come to my defense I was absolutely OK! Though of course they felt that was wrong of him I could understand why but my mind is made up. I'm not counting days I just know that every Friday make another week. I still vape but I'm cutting down on the nicotine I have a plan for that as well. I'm doing my first 2 weeks on 24mg (I was afraid to go that high at first but I figured change would make a difference) when that run out soon, im doing 9mg then 3mg then non nicotine and I'll be done with it. I gotta stay focused and take it slow finding out what works for me to stay quit and so far so good! I'm glad to be back and clean! Gotta get back to class ttyl!

Oh me oh my

Posted by MePlus3 Oct 16, 2017

Hey lovelies! Idk what day it is in my quit I think it's around day 10 or so. It's getting tough! But I'm making it. Not sure my trigger yet but I can smell and almost taste one! I usually have my vape on a low watts but for now I had to bump it up. I will not give in. Don't worry.  I just need some support a helping hand a joke any stories tell me how your day is going something anything to occupy my mind until this feeling pass over.