My Strength Today

Blog Post created by meagain3 on Feb 27, 2012

I went to spinning this morning, as I do almost every day.  There is always a guy there, I would say about 60 maybe a little older.  He looks pretty fit.  We are all friends, gym friends I guess.  Anyway, I have known him about a year.  So I asked him today, “why don’t you come with us to bootcamp on Friday”.  He said “I can’t”.  So me, being nosey asked him why.  He said “I have chemotherapy on Fridays, once a week”.  I said, “Oh, where do you have it?”.  He said “my liver, the only thing keeping me alive is staying in shape and coming to the gym, I am sure of it”.  So, today this guy gave me such strength and inspiration and he doesn’t even know it.  If he can do that, I can do this.