Updated: Final Data Migration Resuming 6/18/19

Blog Post created by Mark Employee on Jun 18, 2019

Updated: 6/20/19: We have completed the private message import. Email notifications should resume to normal.

Updated 6/19/19: We have some more private messages to migrate as we were not able to get them all migrated by morning.  Once they are all migrated we'll take the notification down on the homepage.


As previously communicated we began migrating some old forum posts and also the Status Updates from the previous platform. Tonight we’ll resume migrating Private Messages for members who participated prior to January 24, 2017.  This will be the final day of migrating the information from the previous platform.


Read on for more details!


What Does This Migration Mean For Me?

The migration of the data will one night -- there is a lot of information to move!  During this time the site might not run as quickly as it normally does between 9pm and 8am Eastern. During the day and once the data is fully imported we expect performance to resume to normal.  During the time of the migration we’ll be turning off email notifications temporarily so you’ll need to login to see what things have been active. Email notifications will be turned on once the migration is complete.


If you only participated on the Community after January 24, 2017, then this data migration might not mean much to you and can largely be ignored. If you were a member before and participated on the community, please read below and feel free to ask any questions you have.


What’s Getting Migrated?

Private Messages: The private messages that are being imported will be put into your Inbox. Your messages will have been imported, but you'll have to use search see them. We anticipate that we’ll be able to mark all the messages as read so they won’t fill up your inbox notification bell. Unfortunately, we are not able to make the messages threaded in the Inbox.


Status Updates w/@mentions (formerly known as Message Boards): Have already been migrated April 2019.


Forum posts: Have already been migrated in February 2019.


You shouldn't see any notifications for the imported messages and they shouldn't appear in your inbox so there shouldn't be anything to dismiss however you can find them using the search (magnifying glass in upper right) function.


Have a question? Post in the comments below and we'll try to answer everything as soon as we can. Please understand that there may be unanticipated things that we may update on the fly.