Copyrighted Content, Solicitation and Attributions on EX

Blog Post created by Mark Employee on Nov 7, 2017

The EX Community is built around information sharing. New resources are shared daily for the benefit of everyone’s quit journeys. Lots of people post information and resources they’ve gotten from other places, mostly online, but sometimes also offline. Members helping members is what EX is all about! However, out of respect to copyright owners, our legal team here at EX has asked us to remind you not to upload or link to any copyrighted content (Documents, PDFs, Images, Audio or Video) that you are not authorized by the copyright owner to share.


Sharing is a key to success here in the EX Community. To encourage it to continue in a responsible way, we have revised the Community Guidelines to clarify some issues regarding information sharing. Please read below to learn about guidelines for copyrighted content, solicitation, and attribution within the EX Community.


Copyrighted Content

We ask that you do not post any links to copyrighted material without the copyright owner’s consent. Please look for this change in the Community Guidelines when you log in to the Community in the near future.


We have identified some links to copyrighted material that we cannot allow to be posted going forward. In the future, if you create a post with one of these links in it, you’ll be notified by a pop-up and required to modify your post before publishing it. The pop-up will look like this:


You’re welcome to share/recommend copyrighted resources, provided you are authorized to do so and do not include any referential links for any personal financial gain in your posts.


On occasion, members create their own copyrighted smoking cessation material. If you’re interested in making your copyrighted content available at no charge to members of the EX Community, please get in contact with Mark so we can help you post appropriately.  If your copyrighted material is available for purchase, please get in contact with me so we can discuss possible options. EX cannot provide an endorsement of your work.



To keep the Community free of solicitation, we’ll remove any non-approved posts that recommend, endorse or facilitate the purchase of any products or services. If you see any of these types of posts, please get in contact with Mark or report the post as abuse.



Lastly, we LOVE to see great content and LOVE even more to see when the original author is recognized for their work, whether it came from EX Community (@mention) or elsewhere on the internet (external link). Please ensure that all posts that include someone else’s content, with permission, properly cite the original author. If you have the author’s permission to share their content, then including a link to where the content originally appears is a great way to give credit to the original author.


Questions? Please leave a comment below!


EX Community Manager