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Blog Post created by Mark Employee on Feb 29, 2016
  Valentine’s Day weekend, I got away for the weekend and enjoyed the time away with my Valentine. Secluded to a resort, we were surrounded by other couples who had also made last minute plans for the holiday. In this position, we were often face to face in waiting games. Everywhere we ate we waited in a line. Surprisingly this sparked conversations with strangers that were beyond common pleasantries. Despite the occasion, couples weren’t focused solely on each other. They were interacting with each other. They were adapting, considerate and empathetic to the often frustrating situation. In these spontaneous conversations, I got to hear a lot of helpful tips about booking my next weekend getaway but I also got to hear some great stories and share my own.  During each conversation I was asked what I do. It was a beautiful segue into this community. Ironically, one or both of the individuals currently smoked and had attempted to quit in the past.  They freely shared stories of their quit attempts and struggles. This was touching and serendipitous. Each of them continued on that they were looking for other options to quit and were intrigued by what the EX community has to offer. It was a great opportunity for me talk about the wonderful members here on EX and the information and support that is exchanged on a daily basis. I’m hoping we see them here on the site someday!



  If you find yourself in situations like this where you want to pass along a "referral" to BecomeAnEX, we'd be happy to send you out wallet cards. I've created a   secure form for you to enter your mailing address – we’ll get a batch out to you ASAP to pass along.
Updated: Wallet cards can now be purchased from our website.


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