Blogs, Tips and Tricks, Oh My!

Blog Post created by Mark Employee on Feb 22, 2016

Since my arrival in December, I’ve been thinking about the best kind of rhythm to get into with regards to posting here in the community. There’s some interesting data that suggests that people tend to look for quit smoking help and “start fresh” on Mondays, so I’ll probably make Mondays my usual day. Throughout the rest of the week, I’ll be here when you need me but otherwise I’ll be largely in the background.


My blog posts may be prompted from suggestions I receive from Community members, or they may be topics that I think are relevant and want to share with you all. There will also be times when I’ll use my blog to communicate important information about site updates, planned/emergency maintenance and other kinds of back-end housekeeping. I’m here to keep you in the know! Either way, your comments are always welcome.


This week I’ll focus on two questions from members.


Why do I see my Profile Picture with comments I didn’t write?

Giulia and others noticed some old (from 2010) comments on a Message Board that didn’t have an author but showed their profile picture next to the comments. It seems there are some comments that mysteriously do not have an author and instead show you, the logged-in member, as the author when you are viewing the comments. Rest assured that your profile picture is not showing when anyone else is viewing the comments. This is a hiccup with the site that we’re hoping to resolve soon. I’ll update this post when we have more information.


Do I need to delete old Blog Posts and Comments? If I do, will it make the site run faster?

There is no need to delete older things you’ve posted. For a few reasons, our recommendation is to keep your older content: 1) If you delete your own blog post that people had commented on, then you’re deleting other people’s content. We want to make sure that we stay respectful to the other members who spent the time to comment on your blogs and keep their comments on the site if possible. 2) By deleting your own content, you might be removing valuable information that someone else could benefit from.  3) While the site might benefit if everyone cleaned up their accounts, a handful of people cleaning things up won’t cause any noticeable change and does more harm than good in an online community, see 1 and 2.  So the answer is “No, deleting content is not necessary.”


Have a question that others might have too? Send me a Private Message, post on my Message Board or leave it in the comments below.

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