Getting to that good place takes time!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Oct 24, 2020

I hope that each one of us that's in a good place in our quits will always remember and N.E.F ~ Never Ever Forget ~ just how horrendous it was in those early days and weeks of our quits because NONE OF US has to ever go back to that horrid DAY ONE as long as we choose to stick with N.O.P.E ~ Not One Puff Ever & vigilance N.M.W ~ No Matter What ~ then we'll continue to reap the benefits of a Smokefree Life! If you're struggling with remaining quit please know that you can and will succeed in living a life of Freedom it's definetly not easy by any stretch of the imagination BUT thankfully with commitment and perseverance you will succeed, stay close because we're all here to help you in any way we can each and every Day WON is a GIFT OF LIFE.....