Deep breaths - H.A.L.T. - N.O.P.E.

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Mar 18, 2020

Whew life can really kick us in the teeth and sometimes it'll catch us totally off guard BUT we can deal with life on life's terms without the crutch of cigarettes, I really like H.A.L.T, I know it's an A.A. Slogan even though I didn't go to alot of A.A. meetings I've got the big book and many A.A. pamplets that helped me sober up just like quitting smoking education is KEY in just about anything and everything when I was getting sober I was just way too exhausted to travel to the A.A, meetings I live in a rural area and the closest meeting place is 20 minutes away and that was only once a week the other meetings places are at least a half hour away I don't like to bug anybody so I detoxed right here in my house because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired thankfully Mark started working away at that same time which made it much easier for me because he drank every night of the week the same as I did and he still drinks but I couldn't handle drinking anymore between ulcers and a heart attack it was time to become sober which I did 9 years ago on the 14th of February and come the 14th of July I'll have 6 years of Smokefree living and I'll tell you that I also was sick and tired of being sick and tired with the damned Cancer Sticks I'm so glad that with commitment and perseverance we can choose to quit smoking and remain quit even during this terrifying time with the Covid 19 because whatever is happening will happen whether we smoke or not willingness an vigilance are key to remaining Smokefree.....

Oh yeah it's Hump Day our buddy our pal our friend our Hump Day Camel George wants to wish each of you reading this a Stressfree hasslefree BUT most importantly a Smokefree Day...... Coffee anyone?