Another Smokefree Hump Day

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on May 15, 2019

It's a dark dank dreary drizzly day with huge snowflakes UGH the temp at the moment is only 34 degrees but it's supposed to get up to 40 we've had one day of 70 since Spring arrived and a few days of 60s BUT geesh I'm beginning to think Mother Nature forgot what Season this is BUT thankfully I do have electric heat that I'm using because we ran out of wood for the furnace quite awhile ago UGH BUT that's LIFE and LIFE is going to happen whether we smoke or not and as long as we all stick with N.O.P.E and vigilance then we'll continue to reap the benefits of Smokefree living, we're always going have ups and downs and sometimes there's alot more downs I find that I can handle things so much easier now that I'm NOT sitting outside in a huge cloud of smoke chainsmoking! I'm just so thankful that I found this site and am living a life of Freedom ...... Oh George the Hump Day Camel just reminded me to wish you a very good morning and to let you know that the coffees on and if you're having a rough morning hang on tight, deep breaths and know that we're all here to help you in any way we can so keep moving forward stacking up those precious DOF - Days Of Freedom, the longer you're quit the easier it will get please believe it because it's true. .....