(: I'm dragging my butt! :)

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Mar 10, 2019

I set the clocks ahead last night, this morning I thought wow I slept until 7:30 then I realized it was actually only 6:30  oh well after a week or two I'll be used to it,  it's going to nice having the extra hour of daylight in the evening though we're having a little birthday due here this afternoon I've already picked Adam up he'll be 15 tomorrow his Dad my son Alfred will be 36 on the 22nd and Mason's birthday is the 25th. I baked a cake yesterday with green frosting and sprinkles and cupcakes with pink frosting and sprinkles  Mason picked the colors of the frosting, living a Smokefree Life is absolutely wonderful BUT it does take time and effort to get to that point where you realize how much better life is as an EX smoker, non smoker or EXer it doesn't matter what you call it as long as you stick with your quit journey because once you get to that good place in your quit you'll be so glad that you stayed the course because Life really is Grand without a Cigarette in Hand.....  I SAY YAY FOR EACH AND EVERY DAY WON.