We're Springing ahead tonight!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Mar 9, 2019

Grrrrrr I'm not much on the time change BUT I have no control over it so I have no choice BUT to suck it up and hope it doesn't screw up my sleep for more than a week BUT hey I won't be relapsing over the time change or the mixed bag of weather coming through tomorrow night into Monday or anything else that's happening in life because I don't smoke anymore and if you're struggling with remaining quit deep breaths and keep telling yourself that you don't do that anymore believe it and take as many deep breaths as you need to and stick with N.O.P.E and vigilance which guarantees you a LIFE of Freedom we're all here for you & we're here for each other through the good and the bad times because we care and we want everyone here at Ex to reap the benefits of being an Ex Smoker Non Smoker or EXer it doesn't matter what you call it as long as you stick with your quit journey....... because LIFE is going to happen whether you smoke or not so you might as well stick with your quit and smile at each and every Day WON.......